HoT Blamed for Shutting Down TABC Arrests

At least one Texan sticks up for the recent actions of the TABC. Bud Kennedy wrote:

But I also think a lot of computer geeks are having way too much fun ripping the TABC for enforcing the long-standing Texas law against being drunk in a public place or business.

Just because it’s the law doesn’t make the law right, Bud. What if they had a law which preemptively incarcerated people in the obvious high risk group of those having the last name Kennedy for being an alcohol-related risk to others?

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Just because it’s the law doesn’t make the law right

    Exactly! Imagine if there was a law that criminalized growing a harmless plant and possessing any part of it. Imagine if nearly a million Americans every year were charged with possessing, selling or cultivating parts of this harmless plant. Wouldn’t that be totally insane?

    Too many people think that just because something is a “law” that means it’s good and just and should be obeyed at all costs. I think if a law is unjust, it should be broken.

    In order to attempt to stay on topic here, that’s great to hear the Hammer Of Truth is having such an influence. Stephen, perhaps you should keep track of all the instances that HoT is making a noticable difference, from the Lorretta Nall issue of her being excluded and then included on their website, to the TABC enforcement deal to… what else? Then someday you could post all those things. Makes me proud to be a libertarian… keep up the great job!

  2. How about a kid wearing a Tee-Shirt to school saying “I hate the principal”?

    That’s in the news too. That kid lost. And his shirt didn’t even say he hated the principal..okay, it said he had religious beliefs and the message on his shirt, if analyzed and examined, said he questioned the suitabilities of gay people. Fuck ALL people who try to limit speech.

    Hell, I don’t like the kid already…but, I’ll stand for his right to wear whatever Tee_Shirt he wishes to don for another day in the hellhole of the public school system. My parents actually loved and cared for me, so I didn’t go to public school like some other Americans.

    Expression is ALL America is about. The freedom for all of us to tell me where I’m definitely full of shit…not only so I will learn better; but so the rest of you can feel better. Fuck people who feel it is okay to tap ANYONE on the shoulder and don’t cross the Tee Shirt industry, or we’ll take in underground then you’ll see my real thoughts.

  3. should we also enforce the long standing law that says that automobiles should be preceded and followed by people with lanterns?

  4. “What if they had a law which preemptively incarcerated people in the obvious high risk group of those having the last name Kennedy for being an alcohol-related risk to others?”


  5. So, he’s such a staunch defender of the law? But what if the law is morally wrong?

    When you point out to such people that the Constitution sanctioned slavery, then ask them if they would uphold that law if it were in effect today, the reactions have been everything from shocked silence to indignation to steely eyed assurance and a grim smile that they would indeed uphold the law because that’s what it was…(in hushed reverent tones)‘the law’. The last group are exactly what Justice Brandeis warned about with his comment that “The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding.”

  6. kap — I also find it amusing that the people who suggest we should uphold the law (simply because it is the law) support things like the Drug War and Patriot Act which violate a higher law-the Constitution.

  7. How about a kid wearing a Tee-Shirt to school saying “I hate the principal”?

    What I don’t understand is how someone can possibly be offended, or even give a shit, by what is printed on someone’s shirt. It is a fucking shirt with letters on it, get the hell over it already. This whole concept is very bizarre.

  8. Kennedy called us “computer geeks”? Thats more funny than his weak attempt to quote the law….

  9. Stephen, it’s interesting that you should bring up the drug laws, as I’ve got my own take as to why they occur. The interesting thing to watch for is that a great deal of the legislation that leads to these kinds of laws were not the products of widespread public outcry…but the machinations of a small group of people intent upon ramming their particular neuroses down the public’s throats via those laws.

    I don’t know the particular history of these “Arrest ’em in the bars!” laws, but I would bet even money they were not the result of any kind of in-depth study or commission but intense lobbying from very small groups that have either a religious orientation or personal axes to grind, as in someone in the family hurt or killed by a drunk driver. Although I can sympathize with those who’ve experienced the latter example, the fault was with the individual who commtted the offense, not the public at large…a distinction that such ‘men of zeal’ never seem able to make.