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Peirce for Ohio - info/quiz cardsI guess they only got around to reading about my local bar adventures handing out the Peirce for Ohio info/quiz cards, but it seems The Advocates president is a fan of this kind of activism:

1. I love the article. Thanks, Stephen! However, I respectfully disagree that the Quiz is “obviously skewed.” To the contrary. We’ve done our best to create a Quiz that, while short, gives accurate, useful and honest political insights. That’s one reason why it’s in textbooks and hundreds of classrooms, and has been praised by the Washington Post, USA Today, the London Times, and many, many others.

2. The Quiz works! Stephen hit on one of the great strengths of the Quiz — it sets off viral marketing. Like magic, it opens people’s eyes to a new way of looking at the political spectrum. And then, those newly-enlightened want to share it with others. It’s irresistible and fun! I’ve seen this over and over again. The Quiz is an incredible, tested and proven tool that needs to be used by many more libertarians.

3. The Quiz is so eye-catching, so fun, so enlightening that it makes a great addition to any political campaign. We love to see candidates and organizations link their Web sites to the Quiz (as the national Libertarian Party, and many state and local LPs, do) and we love to see the Quiz used in campaign literature.

As I mentioned before, Charles Peirce is crazy jacked-in when it comes to the nightlife scene around here, and he’s been cranking out batches of these things on a regular basis and has his bar peeps put them in hot-spots at ridiculously low cost. Couple that with a really awesome fundraiser deal for Bill Peirce going down next month at none other than The Cleveland Improv (where friend of liberty Drew Carey got his start), and you have a campaign that’s really hitting the young movers and shakers in Ohio.

Update: The Kentucky Lake Times has a timely story today on the quiz (I guess it’s not skewed as I had originally thought):

But is it accurate? After all, the Advocates is a libertarian organization. Did they rig the Quiz so everyone would score libertarian?

No, says an expert. Cynthia Carter, professor of History and Political Science at Florida Community College at Jacksonville, said, “Although this quiz is provided by a Libertarian organization, it does not lead you to answer in any particular way.”

That may be why instructors around the USA use the Quiz in their classrooms. If you peeked into classrooms at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, Carnegie Mellon University, or Texas A&M University (to name just a few) over the past few years, you’d find find students answering the Quiz’s questions.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. I wonder, is their a billboard design for “the worlds smallest political quiz”? If so , maybe i could get a photoshop version of it, billboards are relatively cheap in my town, I’d like to put one up eventually.

  2. Aww, come on now. I love the Advocates, and always keep a supply of a couple-hundred index card-sized quizzes on hand for activism and strategic placement. However, I don’t have any illusions whatsoever about it not being a push-poll… notwithstanding what an “expert” from community college has to say on the matter. While I can see the quiz being discussed in a Poli-Sci classroom, I suspect it would be more an advocacy case study than an actual diagnostic.

  3. When I have gone to the High Schools and Colleges in Kansas to speak – I always use the quiz. The professors and teachers after I leave continue to use the quiz for other classes, in general they really like it vs. the right/left media of today.

    I use it to stimulate discussion when I talk to classes and it always works. It amazes me how different classes can be in where they score (location dependent) the urban areas lean to freedom in social issues and the rural areas almost always lean to the freedom in fiscal issues. With this “effect” I end up talking about LP in/about different topics in each class – very stimulating to talk about different issues and not the same ole topics each presentation I make.

    Rob Hodgkinson
    Chair – The Libertarian Party of Kansas
    Individual Liberty — Personal Responsibility

    Candidate for Kansas Secretary of State – 2006

  4. Steve, I went to that community college. That qualifies me as an expert! Are you trying to bash and denigrate my expertness?

  5. The quiz needs updating to be current with politics. Change STATIST to include NEO-Libs and NEO-Cons. This will keep some from becoming confused.

  6. Rob, thanks, but I was looking for one with the Peirce campaign info on it. One thing the campaign needs to do a better job of is putting up online linking banners, and printable flyers, so the grassroots can get the word out more effectively.

  7. Outright Libertarians just gave the quiz to 564 people this past Saturday and Sunday in San Francisco at the [gay] Pride Parade and Celebration. That’s one quiz roughly every two minutes. 234 gave us an email or postal address so we could contact them; about one very four minutes.

    There are not too many activities we could do that would have that kind of return. I would say that the quiz works.