Hookers aren’t the only ones getting screwed…

From WaPo via the Chron:

They enter the massage parlors as undercover detectives. They leave as satisfied customers.

In Spotsylvania County, Va., as part of a campaign by the sheriff’s office to root out prostitution in the massage parlor business, detectives have been receiving sexual services from “masseuses.” During several visits to an establishment called Moon Spa last month, detectives allowed women to perform sexual acts on them on four occasions and once left a $350 tip, according to court papers.

What’s next? Cops smoking the weed purchased while working undercover? Naw, that would never happen in AmeriKa.

  1. Just think of all the money we would save if they would just legalize prostitution. Then, instead of cops paying taxpayers money to get laid, the city could actually raise revenue by taxing the “service.”


  2. Oh yeah, let’s make some money in the government instead of throwing it away. Pimponomics if you will… bitch better have my cash or the orphans are gonna go hungry tonight! hahaha

    I speak in jest of course. I say legalize prostitution with certain regulations… perhaps OSHA needs a new category… ;-)