Homeland Security: Saving Us from Fourth Graders

Azzah is a typical fourth grader in a Detroit public school. As she saw the school bus through the kitchen window, she quickly grabbed her homework assignment and books and ran out the door, coat unzipped, and ran so she could make it to the bus stop in time to catch her ride to school. Her mother yelled at her to zip her coat, but Azzah didn’t hear in the rush to make it on time.

Suddenly, as she approached the stop, a line of men in suits brandishing firearms ordered her to halt and drop to the ground. Helicoptors swooped low overhead. Her mother ran out the door to do what should could to save her daugher, but was tackled by men waiting outside the back door.

“Yep, Agent Smith, they’re guilty all right,” stated one of men as he held up a seating chart for Comerica Park.

Azzah’s mother, now in handcuffs, stuttered in disbelief, “But, but, she’s got a field trip to watch a baseball game and…”

“Shut up, bitch,” one of her captors sneered as he jerked her off the ground. As he shoved her into one of the unmarked sedans, he knocked her hijab onto the ground.

As the men, prisoners and vehicles quickly departed the scene, the senior agent thanked the school bus driver for his assistance in this important arrest. The bus driver walked back to his vehicle, head held high, knowing that he had saved America from another terrorist attack.

Does this seem like fantasy, reality or a South Park episode to you?

According to Fox News, school bus drivers are being trained to watch for potential terrorists by Homeland Security officials. Hopefully someone will save America from all the evil fourth grade children.

  1. I assume the drivers are supposed to be watching for people standing near or watching the buses… of course this would lead to a lot of false positives.

  2. Hell, li’l boys are being classified as “sexual predators” b/c they kiss li’l girls on the playground, and there have been cases of infants being on no-fly lists, so it’s not much of a leap to start telling school bus drivers to be ever-vigilant for… terrorist schoolkids.

    Not to mention the need to monitor bloggers… we know what a dangerous lot THEY are…

    Truly, we are as doomed as doomed can be.

  3. Matt — who knows what they would be watching for. Homeland Security may be the most worst organized govt organization I’ve ever seen.

  4. Your bank is being instructed to not let you get any gold, silver or cash out of a safe deposit box in the event of “emergency”. In fact, they will close the entire bank.

    What is happening all around is that the government is going to be able to have complete control over virtually everything in the event of “emergency”. They are setting it up right now. Because they will then be able to create an “emergency”.

    And if you don’t like it and go along with it, there will be an army of informers to point you out to the proper authorities so you can be “adjusted”.

  5. Oh and Stephen, organization is exactly what DHS DOESN’T want! They want to be monolithic and chaotic. That is the point and purpose.

    In the grand scheme of things, the State benefits best in circumstances of chaos. Thus, it creates such conditions deliberately for it’s own benefit.

  6. i think you maybe took a bit too much liberty with this story. i saw the headline from wapo or some other news agency and thought it was weird, but in reading it it was good sense – they’re not teaching bus drivers how to look for evil, bomb-branding 4th graders. they’re concerned about threats to children in the event that a terrorist group would try to hijack a bus filled with school kids.

  7. It’s never a bad idea to read too much liberty into things, stranger.

    Besides, given the mission creep mentality of this admin, can we expect no less?

    I know, a fine line between vigilance and paranoia, and all that… I just don’t put anything past ’em.

  8. And what happens if you piss off a local bus driver… they can tip the feds off that you are exhibiting signs of terrorism…

    This may not sound too bad except when you lose your job, your home and your life and have very little chance of gaining it back due to the deep rooted scare tactics that have been conditioned into our society for decades now…

    Or maybe they will let you change your name on the “whoops my bad” card…

  9. So far we have the utility workers watching our homes as they read our meters looking for “suspicious” activity and now school bus drivers. I happen to know in some areas your neighbors are used, and who knows what axes they have to grind.

    Why don’t we issue brown shirts and the transition to fascism, corporate fascism this time around, will be complete.

    Ever hear of “Terrorist Stalking”? A tactic used against whistle-blowers, activists and anyone else chosen as the target. Although the so-called “Gang Stalking” activists appear to be attempting to tie “Gang Stalking” to already marginalized or lost causes, the phenomenon is very real.
    (Not caused by “NWO” or related to the tin-foil hat crew either as the activists would have you believe.)

    Regards from Walnut Creek. Gang Stalking capitol of California.

  10. Stranger,

    I probably did take too much liberty with this one. I merely try a different literary angle from to time time to experiment with what may or may not work.

  11. No worries SG… I thought this article was very attention grabbing and eye opening. SVD has written similar articles and though they are based on potential scenarios I feel they are very much needed.