Gun Sale for Freedom Cause

Here’s the release: Founder Selling Personal Firearm Collection to Pay Gun- charge Related Legal Expenses
Own One of Angel Shamaya’s Guns, Help Out a Worthy Cause

May 25, 2006 founder Angel Shamaya is selling most of his personal firearm collection to help defray legal expenses that resulted from gun- related charges in Michigan. Although the court ordered the police to return Shamaya’s firearms, the legal expenses are steep — so he’s now selling those same guns. Shamaya says, “I had intended to leave these firearms to my son as his inheritance one day, but I have legal expenses to pay right now. My ultimate goal is to put this mess behind me and raise my son — a far higher priority than owning extra guns.”

The guns for sale include rifles, pistols and shotguns. Shamaya has made arrangements with a local licensed gun dealer to complete the transactions under federal and state law and ship the firearms to the new owners. Anyone interested in any of these firearms can go to the [this website] for details, descriptions, pictures and direction on how to make a purchase[.]

“There are some really nice guns in this collection,” says Shamaya. “I appreciate the support I have received from kind-hearted people in dealing with this nonsense. If you’d like to cherry pick one of my firearms, be my guest.”

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Sounds like the Gestapo to me or was Nagin somehow in Michigan calling the “shots” (pun intended)

  2. Matt says: “I love small gambling pistols like the one he’s got for sale there.”

    Then buy one. And pay more for it than he’s asking.