GOP: How low can you go?

Both George Bush and the Republican Party continue to nosedive in the polls. From MacPaper:

Six months before Republicans try to hold on to control of Congress in the fall elections, a new poll shows President Bush has slid to the lowest approval rating of his presidency, and a majority of voters say they’ll vote for Democrats in November.

A USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken Friday through Sunday found Bush’s approval rating at 34%, two points under his previous low. He also received the lowest ratings of his presidency on his handling of the economy, energy and foreign affairs. He tied his previous low on Iraq: 32%.

The poll showed Democrats leading 54%-39% among registered voters who were asked which party they would prefer in a congressional race.

The article apparantly contains a misquote or mistatement, too.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said the president is not focused on polls but “on achieving results for the American people.”

I think McClellan meant “on achieving results for on the American people.”

Stephen Gordon

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  1. I ask you this, if 64% of people dissaprove of the job he is doing, does that not also logically mean that 64% of people approve of the job he’s NOT doing?

  2. God only knows what is going to happen in November. But, this much I know, on the morning of November 8 GOP would be an extinct species in NY State and no black man would be elected governor of Ohio!