GOP Death Rattles?

Boot On Your Neck Party

Repudiation of the two-party system is starting to become a daily theme in the MSM. Peggy Noonan wrote the following for The Wall Street Journal:

Something’s happening. I have a feeling we’re at some new beginning, that a big breakup’s coming, and that though it isn’t and will not be immediately apparent, we’ll someday look back on this era as the time when a shift began.

All my adult life, people have been saying that the two-party system is ending, that the Democrats’ and Republicans’ control of political power in America is winding down. According to the traditional critique, the two parties no longer offer the people the choice they want and deserve. Sometimes it’s said they are too much alike–Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Sometimes it’s said they’re too polarizing–too red and too blue for a nation in which many see things through purple glasses.

Vox Day wrote something similar at World Net Daily:

You are either with the concept of American liberty or against it. The Democratic-Republicans have proven themselves to be firmly against it. Either an American Alliance will restore America to herself, or her people will be swallowed up by the bureaucratic Brussels on the Potomac that is now aborning.

Even Cal Thomas is calling the GOP impotent. If I was the GOP puppet master, I’d likely be picking up the phone and demanding that the Republican Party support candidates like Sue Jeffers and William Weld in order to not suffer too badly in the 2006 elections. However, the GOP seems focused on continuing its act of political hari kari. I expect serious Republican losses in 2006 if they continue to place power-player politics and petty party partisanship ahead of a principled political presence.

Graphic courtesy of Scott Bieser.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. It wasn’t Bill Weld who was dissed. It was Steve Minarik. The grassroots is sick and tired of Minarik shoving HIS way up our hindquarters.

  2. Edward H. Gaulin: Good point, there’s a lot of discontent with NYGOP chairman Minarik and this fight going to the primary is exactly what a lot of New York Republicans have been asking for since December.

    This is not to dismiss Governor Weld’s candidacy – we’re sure he would be as successful in New York as he was in Massachusetts – but an open primary is the best way to reenergize the Republican Party, both with ideas and momentum. Winning an open primary would be the best thing Mr. Weld could do for his candidacy in the general election.

    Fire Minarik – New York Sun

  3. Its always nice when these pundits want to re-invent the wheel and form a new party, and not mention the LP.

    Its pretty obvious where the new Third Party needs to stand on the issues, on the Nolan Chart. Plot them:

    We have democrats > left/centrist/authoritarian area

    We have republicans > right/centrist/authoritarian area

    The big hole is where the LP should be > centrist/libertarian area

    The LP can control more area on the Nolan Chart than the republicrats, and win elections.

    All we need is a new Platform which combines the views of moderate “Tim West” Libertarians with our theoretical purist views.

  4. Of course if G.C.Wallace were alive to day he wouldn’t be able to get ballot access for his American Independent Party.

  5. I expect serious Republican losses in 2006 if they continue to place power-player politics and petty party partisanship ahead of a principled political presence.

    Republicans don’t have to worry – they just rig elections and win regardless of how they are doing in the polls. It will be interesting to see what happens in November – I expect them to lose a few seats here and there but maintain control of both the House and Senate.

    Democracy is dead in America. As reported on this website, you can get arrested for trying to get a 3rd party candidate on the ballot in the fascist state of Alabama. Then if you somehow manage to even get on the ballot, your votes probably won’t be counted correctly. No wonder they want to seize your guns… how can a defenseless population do anything to stop tyranny when their votes are no longer counted?

  6. he R’s are going to lose at least the house and probably come within 3 to 4 races of losing the senate as well. They are in free fall.

    The problem is we have to throw the best munky wrench we can into the Democrats ascent to power that we can. Best method – reminding the public that the Democrats didnt keep the nation out of war, and didnt hold Bush responsible for lying about it all.

  7. Nothing is going to change in the GOP. The elections are rigged and our masters are going to get really nasty on us if we make it indisputable that We The People are not the ones in charge. Anyone see the Matrix? What if virtually everyone abandoned them at the same time? No amount of fraud would be effective, because in doing so, the charade would be exposed.

    Of course, this is fanciful thinking. There are people here who advocate for fiat currency, for god’s sake. They actually beleive you can have liberty and limited government AND such a monstrosity. Nothing is going to happen. No matter what stops have to be pulled out, and none will be required. None at all. Repeat: Nothing is going to happen.