Google for “Privacy Threat” Returns GOVERNMENT as No. 1

A powerful name to add to the “God, I wish he was a declared Libertarian” list is Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

ABC News Online is reporting that the Google chief told the Search Engine Strategies conference that the biggest threat to web privacy is government.

It seems those who are the most concerned about government, and often those with the most to lose from government, remain ignorant that libertarians are the only people on earth who are scratching and clawing to get government the hell out of peoples lives.

  1. I spent a good two or three minutes plugging “privacy threat” into Google, trying to unlock the Easter Egg you’re referring to, before I finally figured out that you were just being facetious to make a clever headline. Doh!

  2. I don’t know, I think the government may be in an ‘honorable’ tie with marketing corporations on this one. Of course, all that information is much more dangerous in the hands of the government.

  3. We could Google bomb it. Link to the president’s website with the link text “privacy threat” and it’ll move up the ranks. :)