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  1. This is the type of article that deserves more attention in third party circles. Some legal genius (not Richard A.Posner) should be able to figure out a ‘due process’ issue ( or similiar constitutional challenge)that would be the equivalent in affect as the ridiculous tobacco settlements.

    A ground breaking ruling that would open up the process. I say let the vanity candidates run too.

    The ‘paper trail’ only muddles the issue when issues like chads and mechanical failures determine the outcome of elections. A highly functional, encrypted (open source?) system should be possible for a one day event (ie election day).

    All the hogwash about Diebold only enhances the fear that allows the two majors to keep the system rigged. These ‘mechanics’ and legal aspects of the electoral system should more prevelant than all the silliness about dues, pledges and other idealogical fodder that binds the bowels of libertarian ‘reformers’.

    My thought for the day.