Get Your War On #52: Ayn Rand

GYWO - Ayn Rand books

David Rees’s latest GYWO is a comedy triumph. From wiretaps to deteriorating control of Afghanistan, he hits the nail on the head. Of course, what really caught my eye was this Ayn Rand smackdown that accurately portrays the new mentality of the neoconservative hawks. What ever happened to the Pottery Barn rule?

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Yeah, this guy is definitely a crack up. It’s amazing what one can do with just some simple clipart and some captions.

  2. I prefer the note that citizens balls spontaneously fall off at the mention of 9/11.

    So true, so true.


  3. If you’re suggesting that Ayn Rand would advocate an invasion of Iraq, or neocon rationalizations for anything, you are greatly misinformed.

  4. Actually I think Rand would agree with the invasion of Iraq. You see Rand was an objectivist, not a libertarian.

    While most Objectivists are politically libertarian, not all libertarians are objectivists.

    Personally I think Objectivism is an bogus philosophy built on Rand’s extremely weak arguments. She basically justifies all of her arguments with “Extreme Altruism is bad”. Well no shit dumbass, Not being selfish at all is obviously bad, that doesn’t mean you should be completely selfish in everything that you do, which is basically what Rand argues.

    With that said, the biggest difference between Objectivists and Libertarians is the military aspect of foreign policy. As wikipedia notes:


  5. “Objectivists often disagree with the isolationism of many libertarians. They argue that when it is in a nation’s self-interest to do so, the state can and should act militarilly abroad, even proactively. Many also would like to see the state more aggressively protect the rights of US individuals and corporations abroad – that would include military action in response to nationalization.”

  6. Yes, people calling themselves objectivists, and various organizations associated with Ayn Rand often say ridiculous things. These people are not Ayn Rand. If you are interested in her stance on any issue, she’s written them down herself, in meticulous detail.

    The problem with objectivism is that it’s a hierarchal system of knowledge. No premise or argument will stand on it’s own absent the one it’s predicated upon. And of course, the whole thing leads to some very abstruse philosophical material. It is widely misunderstood by its greatest proponents, who would be True Christians had someone handed them a different book.

    I’m not proselytizing here or accusing anyone of anything. My point here is that objectivism can only be grasped in its entirety, and that second-hand sources fail at this more times than not.

  7. Well OK. But let’s not get too carried away. A very humorous website indeed. However, Ayn Rand doesn”t deserve to be vileified. Her Philosiphy of Objectivism has many valid points that align well with our Libertarian aims.

  8. [quote]I prefer the note that citizens balls spontaneously fall off at the mention of 9/11.
    So true, so true.

    It’s a very powerful card to play isn’t it? I mean, it’s right up there with rapist, child molester, or a variety of other things. Once the 9/11 card is played, the game is over and discussion must end.