Georgia: Stupid Law of the Day

How can one tell when delusional people are about to go off the deep end? One indicator is that they might disregard reality at an increasing rate, further fueling their paranoid delusions, beginning a feedback cycle which quickly escalates until they have lost all contact with reality.
According to Atlanta’s WSB-TV, legislators in Georgia are currently in the state I just described. Not just content with propagating myths that recreational marijuana use causes white women to date jazz musicians or forces people to mainline heroin, they are also one of the states which doesn’t have the balls to take on the federal government by allowing for the compassionate use of medicinal marijuana. Now they are taking it one major step further:

Candy that’s flavored like marijuana would be outlawed under a bill proposed in the state Senate.
The effort, spearheaded by Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta, is one of several throughout the nation targeting increasingly popular candies marketed with drug-inspired names like Purple Haze and advertised with slogans such as, “Every Lick is Like Taking a Hit.”
Marketers call the treats a harmless novelty. But anti-drug advocates say they glorify drug use and encourage children to smoke pot.
“Should a 9 year old be able to go into a store and get a bag of chips, a soda pop and some dope candy?” said Fort, who announced his bill Thursday in the parking lot of an Atlanta convenience store where he said he bought the candy the day before. “That’s ridiculous.”

Actually, what’s ridiculous is that they are no longer content merely to outlaw products which contain THC (even when it saves lives), but they are now attempting to outlaw products which might even taste like marijuana. If this doesn’t deter marijuana smokers, what’s next? Do they plan to outlaw products which are colored the same as marijuana?
The real suckers are the people who continue to vote for politicians such as these.

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