Garrett Hayes Covered on Front Page News; Launches TV Ad

The superb performance delivered by Garrett Hayes in the Georgia gubernatorial debate has caused his poll numbers to climb while both of his opponent’s numbers are falling faster than a Republican’s pants in the presence of underage boys. Since the debate, some other developments have come to fruition that are sure to boost his poll numbers even higher:

First, Hayes was featured on the front page of the Thomasville Times-Enterprise. Here’s an excerpt:

Actually, his motive in running for governor is pretty simple.

“I’m tired of watching government grow. I’m tired of government taking more and more of our money and our freedom and doing things it shouldn’t be doing,” Hayes said.

Armed with novel approaches to dealing with taxes, eminent domain, education and immigration, Hayes said his goal is not to play spoiler to either top candidate in this election. He wants to become Georgia’s next governor.

Second, the Hayes campaign has purchased air time for their TV ad. According to Doug Craig:

We plan on running starting next week. I believe we have enough money to run it 700-800 times on cable but we could always [use] more donations. Please call me If you can donate. $18.00 will buy a spot on fox news in downtown Atlanta, $2.00 will buy a spot in Jonesboro on the weather channel. Please call Doug Craig 770-861-5855

Watch the video after the break.

  1. I was impressed by Garrett Michael Hayes in his debate performance and in the new ad. He is an effective communicator. I sent another contribution today. Go Garrett!

  2. Wow, even worse, from the Thomasville newspaper article cited:

    “It should be a federal issue to protect states from illegal immigrants, but the federal government is not doing it’s job,” he said. “There are things we can do at the state level to make this state less attractive to immigrants.”


  3. Georgia has no border with another country, Mike L. What is he going to do, send the National Guard down to the GA/FL border? Or maybe they would do better over near Alabama?

  4. Doug, there’s no reason to single out immigrants, that’s just baiting. If handouts are the problem (and indeed they are) he should simply say he is going to cut/eliminate them; no reason to bring up immigration at all.

  5. Mike… immigration is a huge issue in Georgia.

    I mean, huge huge huge…

    Georgia may not border a foreign nation, but the issue, especially of illegal immigration, has been big in Georgia since the 90’s and continues to grow.

  6. This has been said till the face turns blue…but…it is worth repeating endlessly. Libertarians lose elections because of message. What Hayes is doing is stating the message in a way that appeals to voters. It’s called marketing…it’s how Libertarians are going to win elections. The great news is that he is not compromising message at all…he’s stating it in a way attractive to his voter base! Amazing how libertarians like us have such awesome ideas – but we insist on terrible delivery. This could be a great year for those who have ‘seen the light’ and know how to deliver. Kudos to Trevor, Garrett Michael Hayes, and so many others for thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX. This could be a VERY pivotal vote total, taking us into the 2008 big election.

  7. Peter – It is my understanding that the point of the campaign is to show its opposition to “handouts”. They are showing this in a sense of immigrants coming for said “handouts”. If I am selling a car with a great engine and a mid-level stereo system to an audience who is looking for a fast car, am I going to push the engine or the stereo? In the case of politics, is it wise to just flat out say we are opposed to government program A-Z, while at the same time alienating voters who may be taking part in or know someone who is on a program? Or are we going to focus on a hot button that has appeal to our target market? In the case of the car – scarce resources may not allow me to push all of the “features”. In the case of a Libertarian campaign, scarce financial resources do not allow us to be an organization that can explain what is wrong with America in long soundbytes. If we had those, we would have succeeded on that track long ago.

  8. I totally agree! The “Fair Tax” is a scam and I’d suggest that libertarians avoid it like the plague.

  9. I ceased being a Republican and became a Libertarian in 1996 although I didn’t become an activist until 1998. In 1998 I moved to Georgia and attended the Cobb County, GA LP meeting. Garret Hayes and Nelson were the only two other attendees.

    Having a fresh top 5 MBA under my belt along with a high-paying job and a supporting “I can do anything attitude,” at my second or third meeting, I quickly became the proverbial “YOU GOT TO GET OFF YOUR DUFFS AND DO SOMETHING YESTERDAY!!!!!!” kind of Libertarian.

    Coolly, calmly, and collectively (but not collectivistly) Mr. Hayes helped me become an effective Libertarian activist. From OPH booth training to editing my “I need one piece of paper with everything on it ‘Libertarian Short & Simple’ handout,,” Mr. Hayes helped me, a former “you guys need to do X” become a “I will do X” activist.

    This guy’s a hard core Libertarian regardlesss of a public stance or two. I’m against the fair tax. I’m for Hayes.

  10. Hey guys I have posted this before.The fair tax is big here in Ga. Those guys were at the debate that night. They had a booth set up right out side the debate with our pamplets on thier table.I believe the fair tax is neutral to Libertarians.But we can use all the friends we can get.BTW things are going great for the campaign, We have had a few good donations (thanks to George W. and Daniel A.).Our press comtinues to grow.We have a debate we are in this Sunday.I will post it as soon as it is up.Another new poll out today showing us at 9%
    Thanks for all the help
    Doug Craig
    Political Director of GA

  11. “Hey guys I have posted this before.The fair tax is big here in Ga. Those guys were at the debate that night. They had a booth set up right out side the debate with our pamplets on thier table.I believe the fair tax is neutral to Libertarians.But we can use all the friends we can get.”

    I consider the “Fair Tax” to be destructive to libertarians.

  12. Seems like a lot of ‘mainstream’ Libertarians running this year. No reason to shun, as they are still on our side. The border issue I don’t get though. Even Ron Paul, great libertarian communicator and defender, has taken up this ‘secure the border’ nonsense. It may appeal to the Lou Dobbs demographic, but it’s downright un-libertarian. The FairTax, too, provides nothing to us. School vouchers, ‘Free Trade’ agreements, it’s all corporate-state tyranny.

    The LP has climbed down from its party-of-principle peak, and is now on the slippery slope to electoral success. Let’s hope that they remember their roots, and work to change the fundamental structure of our leviathan federation, rather than paying lip service to their libertarian base and supporting the crimes of the state to stay ‘mainstream.’