It’s that time of year again! As you probably know, the most pro-Liberty radio show, “Free Talk Live” won the 2005 Podcast Award for the Political/Cultural category. Now voting has begun for the 2006 awards, and we’ve been nominated for Best Political. We’re competing against the President himself, as well as some other totalitarian trash. You may vote for us in the Podcast Awards once per day through Aug 11th. You’ll find the Political category third from the bottom in the right column.

Thanks to your help, last month we finished at 4th place on Podcast Alley’s Top Ten Podcasts. Now we need your vote again at http://vote.freetalklive.com . If you’ve never voted before, you won’t be spammed, and it takes less than a minute!

These two votes are the easiest way to promote the message of Liberty. Thanks for taking the time!
Host, “Free Talk Live

  1. “Hey, why don’t you guys invite Bush to be a guest?”

    GW is invited 6 nights a week to call in but i don’t think he knows how to dial a phone or he might be too busy clearing brush from his ranch.