FTL vs. Harry Potter

Thanks to your vote the most pro-Liberty radio show and podcast, Free Talk Live, finished last month in 5th place at Podcast Alley. The number one show? A show about Harry Potter. We’ll need to double our votes to get to first place.

Please take a moment and vote for Free Talk Live. It only takes a moment and directly results in new listeners finding the message of Liberty.

http://vote.freetalklive.com (Leave a comment if you like!)

Thank you for listening,
Host, “Free Talk Live”

  1. As a recovering listener to PotterCast, let me tell you that we’ve got our work cut out for us. Those shows are insanely popular, and they push Podcast Alley a few times each show. These people actually have name recognition in the world. They tell stories of people recognizing them in the street as members of PotterCast. They got a two hour one-on-one interview with the writer of Harry Potter herself.

    These people are insane. Having half their votes is impressive. It’s also somewhat sad that Harry Potter inspires more devotion than the cause of freedom does.

  2. That’s because Harry Potter is about “sticking it to the bad guys”. Of course, Harry does stand up for wrongfully accused people – like Libertarians. And all the “good guys” in his stories are less than noble [like the Democans and Republicrats]. The books point out the obvious flaws of the “Good Guys” leading the fight against Evil.