Friedman’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

Kinky Friedman Loves TexasPenn Jillette had Kinky Friedman on his show last week. The interview got heated at times, especially when Kinky “non-denominational prayer in the public schools” Friedman was challenged by Penn “there is no God but Allah” Jillette.

Prompted by the show, I checked out the campaign site and saw the awesome new “Kinkytoon” featuring church and state getting gay married, and monkey legislators trying to reform the schools (“Don’t eat law!”). It’s hilarious and effective. Libertarian campaigns should learn a lesson here.

Kinky’s campaign is heating up, with poll numbers at around 20% before he’s even on the ballot. With fundraising help from supporters like Willie Nelson (when he’s not busy writing gay cowboy songs), he’s raising money faster than either of the Democrat candidates.

There’s going to come a time in American politics when we’re tired of ex-wrestlers, action heros, and writer/author/country singers and want staid guys in suits to lead us. Until then, and as long as the establishment politicians are fun-hating windbags who only stop legislating morality long enough to take a bribe or shoot their friends, Go Kinky!

Nicholas Sarwark

Mr. Sarwark lives in Colorado and keeps poor people out of cages for a living. His views are his own, not his employer's, his wife's, or his dog's. They are also awesome and always right.

  1. I agree; in addition to being down-right hilarious, that Kinkytoon is very productive in getting the message through.

    However, it’s a shame that the ads aren’t played on local television stations in Texas. I have a feeling that they would be as effective as the “Eastern Motors” rap-jingle on the DC-area radio stations.

  2. Steve, (or anyone) do you have contact w/ the Friedman campaign? We are interesting in contracting with them on ballot access. There’s a chance we will be headed to Texas around that time….the CP said they will be hiring (as I understand it the LP is already on?), and there may be local petitions in Austin and other cities for Taxpayer Bill of Rights. We’re trying to get the Austin guys to get an MPP grant for local medical marijuana initiatives…MPP said they are interested in Texas….

  3. Give me the choice between “Kinky ‘non-denominational prayer in the public schools’ Friedman was challenged by Penn ‘there is no God but Allah’ Jillette” or give me death!

    To clarify, I’m half Jewish and grew up in Alabama – where Jewish kids had to recite the Lord’s Prayer.

    Now I’m in Roy Mooresville. From the frying pot to the fire.

  4. Steve, did you ever wear a Star of David to school?

    Tuscaloosa PS actually made my sister remove hers claiming it is a Gang Disciples symbol. Which, yes, it is, but we’ve only had it for, like, 3000-4000 years longer…as if Liz was in any way, shape or form a GD member representing her set in middle school, LOLOL. What were these idiots thinking? Oh, never mind….

    I’ve always thought my parents missed a great chance to sue their sorry asses.

  5. Paulie – I don’t have any special contact in the Friedman campaign.

    On the other issue, I don’t know anyone outside of Birmingham who would wear a Star of David or yarmulke to class – I certainly didn’t.

    It would be an interesting case in Alabama — but it would likely lose.

  6. Well, this was I guess about 12 or 13 years ago, roughly speaking….so I’m sure that the statute of limitations has passed, and neither my parents nor my sister was ever seriously interested in suing them over it (they’re not really all that religious anyway, it was the functional equivalent of all the kids wearing a cross necklace).

    As for the theoretical lawsuit…probably would have lost at the local/state level, but had they appealed up the chain of the federal courts I would definitely not discount the power of the ACLU, ADL et al to have prevailed. Especially befeore all the more recent GOP appointments.

    To say that a Jewish girl can’t wear a millenia-old national/religious symbol because in recent decades it has also been adopted by a primarily black US based street gang….while, of course, there is not a snowball’s chance in Cuba that they could bar kids from wearing crosses…..LOL, it would have definitely been an entertaining fracas.