Friday Fun: Ted Stevens’s Internets, YouTubes


From the LP Blog:

Judging from his speech, Sen. Stevens is clueless on how the Internet works, yet he is the chairman of a Senate committee that has jurisdiction over online communications.

Wonkette posted a remix video of Sen. Ted Stevens set to techno music here.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Maybe I was a little rough on the senator. Maybe he has something with this tube thing. After all, how do you think the Web site that hosted that video got its name?

    But seriously, why don’t these ancient, clueless fossils step aside and let someone who has at least some basic knowldege replace them? Shit, it ain’t like this guy is going to starve if he retires!

  2. How about we give the capitol a big coat of fire and replace them with nothing?

  3. >How about we give the capitol a big coat of fire and
    >replace them with nothing?

    Now you’re talking!

    But I do give the senator some credit. With the price of fuel these days it’s a relief to know the Internet is not a big truck. I’m glad he let us know that. Now if he could just get them to use the tubes to transport the fuel instead of for the Internet maybe the price of gas would go down!

  4. Humor aside, I would be interested in hearing some actual discussion here on net neutrality. As both a Libertarian and a software developer, I’m somewhat torn on the notion.

  5. I would be against net neutrality legislation if we had an unregulated free market for broadband internet access or if broadband had choices availabe to consumers similar to how you can choose virtually any ISP for dial-up. However that is not how broadband works thanks to regulations which strictly limit competition in the market for broadband internet service, so therefore if we have to live with these regulations then those companies who have virtual monopolies on providing broadband access should be forced to provide net neutrality.
    If the government decides to eliminate the regs that limit the ability of new competitors to enter the high-speed internet service provider space than I would be against all regulation of the internet and its providers. However net neutrality is not a restriction on the content of the net but on those companies who have obtained monopolies from the government, therefore those companies must abide by the government’s rules.