Friday Fun Link: Gay Marriage Jokes

Since we somehow missed linking to Wednesday’s news that the Senate killed the stupid amendment (well, the debate actually) that codified marriage as a government approved act between a man and a woman, here’s some jokes about the whole kerfuffle of gay marriage:

“Big vote in the Senate yesterday. They voted down the gay marriage ban. … It was a very close vote. 43 voted ‘yea.’ 44 voted ‘nay.’ And 3 voted ‘fabulous.'” –David Letterman
[Clip of Bush: “America is a free society, which limits the role of government in the lives of our citizens. In this country, people are free to choose how they live their lives.”]
Jon Stewart: “And that’s why I want to ban gay people from getting married.”
“Do you notice gay marriage didn’t become a big Republican priority until all their members started going to prison?” –Jay Leno

Ba dum… tshhh.