Freedom Wins $1.2 Million

From DareGeneration:

Dozens of high school students who were subjected to an armed drug raid of their school will split $1.2 million under a settlement preliminarily approved by a federal judge Tuesday. The fourteen officers who entered Stratford High School in Goose Creek, SC in November 2003 with guns drawn found no drugs or weapons, and made no arrests.

“It appears the Goose Creek Police Department succeeded only in finding the one drug-free high school in America,” said Kris Krane, executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. “These poor students truly deserve this settlement, but no amount of money can ever make up for the terror that police and school officials put them through.”

Although most students at Stratford are white, Principal George McCrackin ordered the raid to take place early in the morning when the overwhelming majority of those present in the hallway were black. Black students at Stratford disproportionately live in communities that require them to be bussed in earlier than other students. Principal McCrackin resigned shortly after dramatic surveillance camera tapes of the raid were widely publicized.

Victory is indeed sweet.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. How is that victory … Whos money is that, that they are getting …. another lose for the taxpayer. The people who authorized this should be fired, there should be no settlement paid by taxpayers

  2. … Principle McCrackin???

    And it’s a “mostly white” school no less…

    Reality is funnier than fiction!

  3. Johnny, are you suggesting that people not sue the government when their rights have been violated?

  4. Stephen/Johnny:

    You’re both right. Action needs to be taken, and reparations money comes from tax coffers.

    Personally speaking, I would rather have sued for something other than monetary reward. Such as, say, repeated public, televised, apologies from the officials/officers involved to each and every student in the school. Put it on CNN. Nobody uses that bandwidth for anything productive these days anyhow. :)

  5. I think Ian has it right. Instead of giving out taxpayer dollars, at the very least each officer and official involved in the raid should have to pay it out of their own bank accounts.

  6. Action needs to be taken, but why do you have to give away tax payer money … the action that needs to happen is laws should be changed where they can’t do that or who ever authorized that should be fired.

    By giving away tax payer money it only hurts the taxpayer

  7. I’m sure the school could use some extra groundskeepers, custodians and cafeteria workers. Let these fools do something productive for a year or so as punishment.

  8. Goose Creek OR Goose Step…? Below is email to Goose Step Police Department, have fun, boys and girls:-)
    Here is their mission statement -To effectively serve our community, the leadership of the Police Department is first committed to serve the staff and their families through the promotion of positive character qualities.
    Zieg Hiel, baby!

  9. I was thinking the same thing when I read this, Johnny. While it may be a partial victory for liberty on the PR front when government has to give up a bit of the money it has taken by force, they will just take more. The jackboots need to have their immunity stripped and be targeted personally for the orders they give. The same for the Heydrichites who “just follow” them.
    The only time it will make a difference is when a citizen sues for enough money to bankrupt a city and wins. That would generate some serious press coverage and the debate over anti-liberty laws and their enforcement would be held on a large, visible stage for once.

  10. Y’know… if my rights get unjustly trampled on and my life put in peril (presence of guns) by agents of the state then the state owes me a lot more than an apology. These students deserve that money and more (perhaps free therapy being made available for any of them who feel traumatized by the event). To me it is absurd to think the state shouldn’t pay for its own mistakes. I’d actually love it if the money could actually come from docking the salaries of those responsible for the event however that sets an unsavory precedent that could serve to turn people away from civil service in the future.