Free WiFi? They don’t know Dick!

The Opelika-Auburn News just ran an editorial calling for “public” WiFi for not only the city’s residents, but for other municipalities, as well.

City water. City garbage pickup. City police and fire protection. City wireless broadband high-speed Internet?

That’s right. The Net. A city service. In your home. Sounds far-fetched? It isn’t.

City of Auburn officials are studying wireless Internet city services used in St. Cloud, Fla., and are considering such in town. We encourage not just Auburn, but all communities to consider such a service. The Internet is such a valuable tool for anyone to have – and to have it wireless without the monthly $20-$50 charges that normally accrue, are a bonus.

Fortunately, local Libertarian candidate Dick Clark knocked out a quick letter-to-the-editor on the topic reminding people of the evils of use of monopolistic powers. I’m not suprised at his response, as I’ve known Clark for a few years. However, it’s obvious the editorial staff at the Opelika-Auburn News don’t know dick.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Hey, don’t cha know that Mericans WANT, EXPECT and DEMAND government handouts, damn the true costs or unintended consequences of our government masters’ “wisdom.” So quit complainin. Now where the hell is my gubberment cheese?

  2. Dick Clark! Come help us in New Hampshire! Please! :p

    I’m jealous of all the good politicos in the other states.

  3. Unfortunately he left out the obvious fact that government could and would then censor content.

  4. What a TERRIBLE idea. We need to get the government out of so many things… Please stop adding new government programs…


    Mike Sylvester