Free Market Solution for Aging Homosexuals

What’s the best retirement solution for all of the people who came out of the closet in the 60s and 70s? As many retirement homes won’t allow gay partners to cohabitate in their facilities and a lot of gay people prefer living in some sort of gay community, the solution some might suggest is for the government to build large retirement facilities for homosexuals. There’s no need for government intervention, as the free market has already solved the problem. From the AP:

An elderly lesbian couple is housed on separate floors of a nursing home and kept from seeing each other. A gay retired college professor feels compelled to keep his sexual orientation a secret after his roommate at an assisted living facility asks to be transferred.

“I thought, ‘We are not going to be in that situation,'” the 67-year-old Norris says crisply. “This is not going to happen to us in our final days.”

That’s how the two New Yorkers, partners for 14 years, landed at Rainbow Vision, a just-completed senior community in Santa Fe, N.M. From the private dining room named after Truman Capote to the cabaret where ’60s teen icon Lesley “It’s My Party” Gore was scheduled to appear this weekend, everything about the 146-unit retirement village was designed with the comfort of graying gays and lesbians in mind.

In such senior-heavy locales as California, Arizona and Florida, as well as less traditionally gay-friendly places like North Carolina and Texas, builders have found a market in a segment of the gay population that worries getting old will mean going back in the closet. […]

“In a retirement community, you want to be with people of like minds and like interests, whether it’s a golf community or a religious community,” said Bonnie McGowan, who is spearheading Birds of a Feather, a second gay senior complex in New Mexico. “Until I feel safe walking down the street holding a woman’s hand … and not feel like I’m going to offend even one person, there is a need for this.”

At HoT, we frequently bitch about government sticking its fingers where they don’t belong, but we don’t cover enough good news about the free market solving problems before people start considering government involvement. Perhaps we should ^5 marketplace solutions more often.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Geez, these gays are gonna get everything they want. I sure hope GWB can get his boot-heel onto their necks soon, or someone might figure out more ways to make money from them.

    (Sarcasm fully intended)

  2. Does this mean I can hold out hope for a libertarian retirement community or nursing home one day? The idea of spending my last days with a bunch of grouchy old conliberaltives fills me with despair.