Finally, A Democrat Gets It on Ballot Access

Ed Packard, the Democrat that Alabama Libertarians have been endorsing like crazy, just wrote a pretty good piece on ballot access here. I’ll disagree on this point, but feel that it is an incremental change in the right direction:

I’m not saying the Legislature should abolish the signature requirements altogether. I do believe that smaller or newer political parties should meet some reasonable qualifications before being given access to the ballot.

The rest of the article is great, though. Here’s one example:

By comparison, in Texas, an independent candidate for governor has to submit a petition with approximately 45,000 signatures. Texas’ requirement is not much higher than Alabama’s, despite Texas having a substantially larger population and more voters!

He gets it. As long as no Libertarian runs against him, he has my vote. Even if one does, Packard still has my vote in the primary.