Fiat this…

Here’s a pic I just shot in DC that I thought some of you Gold Standard Warriors might appreciate. While the rest of DC is celebrating cherry trees, a quick read of the fine print on this photograph will indicate that the Bureau of Engraving and Printing is probably getting ready for Arbor Day. It’s gonna take a lot of trees to reduce the (at this time) $8,383,191,548,334.58 debt we’ve bestowed upon our children and our children’s children. Or perhaps the overuse of trees is part of the reason for this debt? Maybe this is an issue where environmentalists and libertarians can get along.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Hey, environmentalists and libertarians can get along just fine – I am an environmentalist libertarian. If all land and water is privately held, nobody will allow somebody else to screw up their land/air/water, so no environmental damage can hurt people.

  2. Hmm… interesting argument next time I talk to one of my environmentalist/socialist friends :)

  3. most of the money now circulating exists only on accounting
    ledgers, and doesn’t exist even as paper. So the correlation of trees and fiat money doesn’t mean much.

  4. The National Debt is the largest looming problem to our futures. When you ad the national debt to the huge unfunded liabilities in so many government programs that problem is immense…

    Mike Sylvester