Fess Up and Apologize

If someone that reads Hammer of Truth is behind this, you got some ‘splainin’ to do:

Something very flattering happened to me today. Somebody signed me up for the Communist Party. There was enough evidence there to indicate that it was somebody who reads this blog and doesn’t like what I have to say.

I consider this flattering because I didn’t realize that I was so important or that what I wrote so powerful that somebody felt a need to commit an act of fraud (no matter how trivial). I guess I should have figured it out earlier; it was just a couple weeks ago that Stephen VanDyke wrote two articles about me.

As much as I may disagree with Greg Dirasian of SmallGov.org on the libertarian issue of pragmatism vs purism and how to best reach out to non-libertarians (come on, the results speak for themselves when you look at the traffic this site gets), I loathe anyone who would resort to underhanded tactics, which is just petty and stupid. While I think readers here are a crowd who wouldn’t stoop to such childish behavior, if indeed it was someone from here, let it be known that I expect you to apologize and stop such nonsense.

And if Dirasian is reading this: I still think you’re kind of a retard for several reasons (seriously, don’t you know how to change your WordPress display name from “Administrator”?), but my fight with you remains verbal.

And I’m still waiting for that silly libel suit.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. I’m always amazed when a (presumed) adult uses an insult like ‘retard’. Are you in high school, or just trying to give that impression?

  2. David Tomlin: give me a fucking break, you’re not reading the New York Times here. You’re reading the Hammer of Truth, where we pride ourselves in being foul-mouthed, crass and brash (and sometimes funny) in our blogging of political news and views.

    If you want libertarian news that’s PG-13, you’re at the wrong site.

    Fuckity fuck fuck fuck… and a retarded fuck too!

  3. I said retard out loud in an elevator last week. I thought I was going to be rung up by my pinky toes. I of course shot daggers back at the soccer mom who sneared at me. Bitch.

    Lighten the fuck up.

  4. I’ll just use a Hank Williams Jr. song to explain this. (I made a few changes).

    No, no Libertarians just can’t say the “F” word
    Oh we’ve come a long way but it’s best if that one’s not heard
    Oh we’ve had some hells and damns, we don’t say bitch we say why, yes ma’am
    In libertarianism you just can’t say the “F” word

  5. ‘If you want libertarian news that’s PG-13 . . .’

    Missing the point by a country mile.

  6. Missing the point by a country mile.

    What point… that you know this site’s audience better than I do? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t assume some kind of persona when I blog here other than letting myself speak a little more freely than usual. But you can take or leave the views expressed here and how they are expressed.

    The majority of the readers here would agree that sometimes you gotta stand up and cuss a bit to add some emphasis to what you’re saying. Why else do you think we have so many comedians on the side of libertarianism? They are just calling shit as they see it, and usually throwing words like cocksucker and fuck in there for good measure.

    Come on… what do you think the elipsis in the tagline for this site is for? poopy-hole? rectum? gastro-intestinal-tract?


  7. Unfortunately, current LNC policy is that minutes are not posted on the website until they are official (i.e., draft minutes are not posted). I’ll be working to change that at the August or November LNC meeting.

  8. Jesus, whatever

    I’ve signed up dozens of people to the communist party. Whats the big deal? I do it whenever anyone gets my attention. I signed up my boss just the other day. I also subscribe people to American Renaissance and Southern Partisan (racist newsletters). Usually the same people. You call this kind of thing fraud? I call it fraudulicious. Plus I get the added benefit of knowing that database marketers will forever use this information to cross reference these people with other products and services. So they’ll start getting direct mail from both the International Workers of the World as well as Christian Exodus or the Aryan Nation. So, so satisfying.


  9. Stephen: I’ll call you on grammar/reference though.

    Properly, its:

    “Fuckin’… What the fuck.. how the fuck… did you two fucking fucks.. FUCK!!!”

    Followed, sometimes, by:

    “Well, now, that certainly demonstrates the diversity of the word, now doesn’t it?”


  10. My comment on smallgov:

    “The worst part of this is”¦ if you’re on the CPUSA mailing list, you’ll probably start getting more Democrat campaign literature in your mailboxes.

    Especially from Mrs. Bill Clinton.

    But, seriously”¦ it was an underhanded tack. The kind of dirty trick you’d expect more from a DemocraticUnderground or MoveOn.org participant.

    BTW”¦ nice blog, I’m gonna bookmark it.”

    Pending moderation, of course… but, that’s what I left there. And, to be honest, while it may be a dirty trick… it’s not as if he were signed up on a NAMBLA mailing list, although Communist Party members are probab- nah, better not… they might try to sue me.

  11. It’s just the type of thing that an LRCer would do, with the childish, dishonest mindset that seems to be prevalent amongst them. I wouldn’t expect any of them to have the balls, no make that the fucking balls to stand up and apologize if they did in fact do it.

  12. Obviously we should immediately invade Hammer of Truth if they won’t prove they aren’t hiding childish, dishonest LRCers who were part of this dumb prank.

    Wait, why does that sound familiar?

  13. since when would a LRC member give enough of a shit about him to care? None I know of.

    Since he practices censorship on his blog by refusing to publish comments from certain people, he’s no libertarian that I know of. Libertarians dont practice censorship.