Judge on FCC Internet Spying Argument: “Gobbledygook”

The American Library Association and Association of American Universities is challenging the FCC ruling that requires ISPs to to provide federal investigators internal access of their systems. From Reuters:

U.S. telecommunications regulators on Friday faced tough questioning from a federal appeals court about whether the government can force broadband Internet service providers to give law enforcement authorities access for surveillance purposes.

One of the three judges hearing the case called the government’s rationale for the surveillance requirement “gobbledygook,” and another also expressed reservations.

“This is totally ridiculous. I can’t believe you’re making this argument,” Judge Harry Edwards told the Federal Communications Commission lawyer.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Mr. Gordon;

    Where do you find this “stuff”? This gobbledygook?

    Do you have a google news alert for “gobbledygook”?

    Is that your secret?

  2. He keeps an eye on those librarians. Some of them are libertarian.

    For example, Marian the Librarian is misunderstood to advocate “dirty” books.

    Librarians and Libertarians have lots it common. One of them recently had the police remove Homeland Security from the library because they didn’t have a warrant.

    They take their responsibilities seriously, and would probably love to have a private benefactor like “Miser” Madison (he left River City the “liberry” building, but left all the books to her). Politicans use libraries as a reason to raise taxes, but somehow, like schools, they rarely reap the benefit.

  3. Heck, I’ve often had people tell me they’ve heard of the Librarian Party.