“Fake” News is More Relevant than Real News

Stephen Colbert kicks the morning news shows squarely in the nuts over the flurry of coverage that spawned from his interview with incumbent without a challenger Robert “I enjoy cocaine” Wexler:

Colbert: This show is the news. Not only is this show “the news,” evidently, it is news.

Meanwhile, the Today Show is bringing you stupid pet tricks and cooking with celebrities. It’s no wonder television ratings are circling the bowl of the Internet tubes as more people head online for opinion and commentary on relevant news that matters to them.

  1. In my view of things, Colbert eclipsed Jon Stewart while he was still a Daily Show sideman. (His segment where he attended TV journalism school was particularly priceless.) The Colbert Report just proves me right on a daily basis. Pretty darn good for a colorblind French American with a wierd ear.

  2. I actually remember when the daily show started they stole Craig Kilborn away from ESPN and Sportscenter.


    For those who remember.