Fake Invoices

I own a few domain names, like freetalklive.com. From time to time, there is a company that sends me an invoice asking $25 for domain name renewal for one of my domains.

It should cost you no more than $10 to renew a domain for another year.

This company is likely not the company you registered your domain through originally, but if you send them $25, they will become your registrar. They feed off of the people that don’t realize this. Caveat emptor.

One note. This company does not write, “If you don’t pay, we’ll throw you in prison, or maybe kill you.” at the bottom of the invoice.

There is only one organization in the world that sends fake invoices with threats attached, and that is the “Government”. Whoever they are. Sure, you might know who your “representative” is, but who are the rest of them? Many of the faceless, heartless bureaucrats running the programs won’t even give their names when asked!

Who are these people sending me fake invoices, forms, and threats? I did not grant this authority to anyone, and I did not sign a social contract.

Isn’t it about time for all of us to start throwing their junk mail away?

  1. I’d like to send the government an invoice for all of the time and money and liberty I’ve lost at their hands.

  2. Are you serious? I guess youve never heard of a scam huh? Your first clue should have been when they said they would kill you if you didnt pay. If you send money after that you deserved to get ripped off because your a moron. No respectable company trying to make a profit would say that. The people sending it to you are con artists, you dont seriously think this is the goverment do you? Wow, some of you need to relax, they arent behind everything. But you guys are probably right, every piece of junk mail or scam mail on the internet is probably from the goverment :roll eyes:

  3. An acquaintance once told me about a friend who invoiced large companies for light bulbs. He’d typically bill them about $12 for the bulb and installation. As smaller amounts were not likely to cause much inquiry and needn’t be approved by anyone of any significance, they were normally paid without a second thought. As the story went, he received hundreds of checks per month.
    Invoicing for nothing. What a grift! I guess it’s like counterfeiting—only frowned upon when not done by the state.

  4. All of you can go suck a big fat dick and choke on it you worthless pieces of shit! Go fuck yourselves.