Fake but Fantastic: Tagging Air Force One

Graffiti with a political message from StillFree.com… just too bad it’s fake:

You, the viewer of the preceeding are hereby advised that the video does not depict a real event. It is intended for the sole, limited and express purpose of entertainment and to induce you, the viewer of the video, to think critically about freedom of expression and speech and the government’s responses to the same.

I guess that message would be your security measures sucked… if only they had actually done it. Instead I’m a bit slow in catching on to what their message is.

Oh wait, I get it: The president has fake staged events, so here’s a fake staged protest. Err… nevermind, even Marc Ecko seems confused in his video testimony.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. “Let’s kick up our feet, let’s chill, and celebrate the fact that we’re still free.”

    Unfortunately, that’s a fiction, too.

  2. The only fiction is in your head. The fact that you can make such a statement still exists. Moron.

  3. I wake up every morning grab my drivers license, get in my truck that has just passed inspection. I then go to a private business where smoking is not allowed by the government and they have a 21 year age limit on alcohol.

    Then when I want to go fishing, I have to grab my fishing license. I also have to have a license to carry a gun. The government takes about half of everything I earn on government assisted theft.

    So I turn on the T.V. and I listen to FCC regulated television. I turn on the radio and FEMA can take over every radio station at any time the feel like.

    Reminds me of the time that the FDA denied cancer medication to my grandmother because it could hurt or kill her.

    I don’t call this country free and it hasn’t been since 1913.

  4. Take zero as a base. Add one hundred. Now subtract 50. Is this loss, or is this gain?

    Now take your free life. Add a phone allowing you to call anyone, anywhere, unhindered and unrecorded by anyone else. Now add wiretapping, restricting your use of said phone.

    Is this a loss of freedom? Or simply a restriction on how much you’ve gained?

    I don’t like wiretapping, or government influence on the internet, or fortune five million telling me what to wear or do or smoke or anything. But I do think you need to see both sides to form an opinion, and try and make sure you’re really ‘losing’ a freedom, instead of just balancing it.

    If 1900 = 0, 1930 = 100, and 2006 = 50, you’ve still got more freedom than a hundred years ago, not less.

  5. McSpoon,

    Interesting idea. But we also have to remember the government didn’t give us any of these items. The government doesn’t own my body, and can not tell me what to do with my property. Like the example with my grandmother. Private business gave her this medicine, the government took it away.

  6. I’m pretty sure they keep Air Force One at Offutt Air Force Base (in Nebraska) when it’s not in use.

  7. The Govt of the United States of America is the first govt to have a document stating that it does not own its people. Before 1784ish you did what the govt told you to do, no questions. This idea of god given rights started after 1776. Walk into my house and I will take away you “rights” quick as hell with a M4 benelli to the face.

    In other words, without the US govt protecting you and the founding documents, you HAVE NOTHING unless you are the biggest meanest guy on the block.

    Everything you think is a “right” was paid for with blood and GIVEN to you by the government, and is protected from people with weapons by people with weapons. Bottom line.

  8. Jack,

    We granted the government permission to protect us, that is so long as they do not violate the Constitution.

  9. To all of you trashing this country and saying we dont have our freedoms, where is your ball and chain? Last time i checked no one had a gun to your head forcing you to live here. I hate people like you, you want to bitch and bitch how bad the US is but yet your still here. If you think your freedoms have all been taken then get your ass out of here, cause you sure are free to leave.

  10. You don’t disown your country because there are problems, you fix it. Oje, have you never been critical of the government? Would you have responded kindly to someone telling you to shut-up and leave during that time?

    To say you “hate people” like this is telling and in case you haven’t noticed, you are in the minority with that perspective. Seen Bush’s poll numbers lately?

  11. The government works for me, I do not and will never work for the government. I will not leave the United States and the government does not own my property.

  12. oje

    actually, you AREN’T free to leave. Do you think you are? Get a visa to Cuba then

  13. While you are all right, as the government is both restrictive and freedom giving, you are missing the point. The beauty of this nation is that is was forged out of revolution. The main reason that we have the 2nd ammendment is for our own defense (namely aganst the state!). Read Thomas Jefferson.

    Regardless whether this was a hoax, or a true coverup, it is an amazing video that makes us reflect on our country and freedom. We all OWN Air Force One. I pay for it’s up keep with every pay check. Do some research.

    There are certain facts here that cannot be missed. I read there was a golf course on Andrews Airforce Base, and sure enough after I google earthed it, I saw a golf course. In the video a tagger hits a golf flag. Coincidence? Fake? Maybe. But I’m conviced. Look at the pentagons track record, it speaks for itself. This is bad press, of course they wanna cover it up!

  14. Ecko used his money to make himself look like he is important enough to make a protest – the funny part is no one can tell what his message is (other than the fact that he “made it”) and the execution of the media – lame. At least MAKE a statement.