1. Looks like the Fundamentalist Christian Extremists no longer use Swastikas, white hoods, and buring crosses at their hate rallies.

  2. HAHAHA, His women gotta protect him from the gay man.

    Fred Phelps: If you’re reading this while wearing that gimp suit in your bondage room in the basement… let me tell you that you have to scrub your hands three times per hour and douse yourself in mineral spirits twice a day (while smoking) to avoid catching “teh gay.”

  3. I know a few Christians, even fewer Fundamentalists, but I have yet to meet one that agrees with this Phelps creature. At all. Whatsoever.

    Sometimes, people just go way outside the lines in their coloring books. Doesn’t mean every God-fearin’ man/woman is also holding Crayolas.