Ex-NSA Chief Slams Domestic Spying

Bush's domestic spyingFormer National Security Agency director Bobby Ray Inman put the spotlight back on the constitutionally-challenged domestic spying program, in a very negative way (via Sploid):

“This activity is not authorized,” Inman said, as part of a panel discussion on eavesdropping that was sponsored by The New York Public Library. The Bush administration “need(s) to get away from the idea that they can continue doing it.”

Let’s see how long it takes for the following scenarios: 1) the Bush administration digs up another retired NSA figurehead who refutes this; or 2) they simply smear him in the conservative press as out of touch with the realities of how everything changed after 9/11.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Not sure what crowd it is that Bush is speaking to in that pic, but damn if it don’t look like a bunch of Hitler Youth or SS.

    Fitting, considering the discussion…

  2. Something is clearly going on behind the scenes. Inman is super big-time, and is connected to a lot of people in the intelligence community. Just do a Google search on the guy and you’ll find out a lot. The fact that he’s going public with this kind of criticism is significant.