Ever Wanted to Be a Pollster?

As Michelle’s experience earlier today suggests, the pollsters aren’t being honest with us. It seems they’re intentionally leaving out qualified names from their poll questions.

Bob Smither emailed a few minutes ago to ask for help in rectifying the situation: Become the pollster!

The phone rings and the poll begins: “If the election was held today, which of the following candidates would you vote for?”

Now is your chance to turn the tables on the pollsters and to really help my campaign for Congress!

We need to sample at least 600 more voters to complete the first honest poll that has been done in US House District 22 in Texas. One poll did not mention me (even though mine is one of only two names on the ballot!) and a second poll identified me as Bob Smither of the Liberal Party.

If you can call even a few folks to help with this, I would really appreciate it. All you need is Internet access and a phone. If you have not registered yet, just go to:


and sign up for a BallotBase account. Be sure to include my campaign code when you register:


After you register for my campaign, you will be called by a BallotBase volunteer with instructions for doing the calling.

I am very grateful to those who have already volunteered and made calls.

In order to get reliable data, we still need to make more calls. The BallotBase administrator feels that 25 callers could make the required calls in about 4 hours. If you have any time to help with this, please register today and spend some time calling.

We have some campaign events on hold until we get this polling done.

I really appreciate your continuing efforts for my campaign!

UPDATE: Please contact Kevin Tunstall of the Smither campaign to start making polling calls though Ballot Base. His e-mail is ktunstall@fortbendlp.org. He will be able to provide you with a special registration code which will enable you to immediately begin making calls.

The LP will be opening up Ballot Base for calls around 9:30 CT and shutting it down around 8:30 CT.

  1. Don’t think so. Give a ring and find out. I will be online in the morning. See ya there!

  2. Brilliant. I would love to see this happen, and see what an unbiased poll looks like.

    Maybe we could even establish a volunteer polling agency for the rest of the races?

  3. If the other pollsters won’t run polls with our candidates fairly included, then we can do it ourselves!

  4. Please do not call either of us to get setup. I, for one, won’t be answering the calls because that IS NOT my cell phone number! :)

    Please register online. It works — assuming that you know the secret registration code for the campaign, otherwise you’ll need to call DC or the Smither campaign HQ to be validated. (Let’s see…what was that code…it might have been his name followed by a number…hmmm…since they’re probably going to post it anyway…was it…Smither…and…22…no, that would be way too simple!)

  5. The entire idea of this small part of the BallotBase project is to do exactly what has been suggested: create the ability to conduct surveys for campaigns that can’t afford to do it themselves, or where we want to do daily polling of an extended period for a critical campaign or ballot issue that has enough volunteers or that can use our growing national pool of volunteers.

    While the Smither campaign certainly can afford to pay a commercial polling company, we appreciate the fact that they have let us undertake the task with volunteers.

    Just for the record: This is not the first time that this system has been used to poll, and the software is not experimental. My analysis of our data so far indicates that our volunteers are accurate and have been correctly following the scripts in an unbiased manner while conducting the survey. If you volunteer for this project, please keep in mind the fact that you need to be unbiased and follow the instructions.

    IVO.Net, LLC

  6. If you call the campaign and participate in this project, we ask that you not discuss any responses you get with other people or post any personal analysis of how you think people are responding.

    I know this is difficult to ask of people, but polling only works if we analyze the data across the entire group of responses and not just those received by a specific volunteer. You may have responses that match the averages, but you may also get unusually high or low numbers for one or more candidates depending on who you end up talking. As a single caller, your margin of error will be incredibly high.

    You also will NOT know if you are talking to someone who tends to vote Libertarian or who normally votes for one of the other parties or is an “independent” voter.

    You will find that you need to place a lot of calls to talk to even a few people. You’ll get busy signals, answering machines, and even people who don’t want to be surveyed!

    IVO.Net, LLC

  7. It was probably one of hyphen-lady’s poll that deliberately identified Smither as liberal to get that idea into the voter’s heads.

    Watch hyphen-lady be on the ballot… “whoops”! Wouldn’t that be a riot?

  8. DD — if that were to happen, it would be painfully easy for any group of individuals (including the Democrats, whom in this case *would* do so) to sue for invalidation of the election as fraudulent.

  9. Who knows? It might not be district wide? I’m just playing devil’s advocate and having some fun. Of course if the election were invalidated, hyphen-lady would probably be allowed onto the ballot in the next one. So, it would really pay for the Republicans to get sued for an invalid election.

    There will probably be “irregularities” with Smither.

  10. DD — I’m not *too* sure about your pessimism, though my gut tells me to agree with you on it.

    The one thing that keeps sparking in my mind is that in the Smither campaign, the Libertarians are finally in the “major party” status regarding the campaign.

    All of this blatant media bias is painfully telling on the subject. Keep this thought in mind, though, DD: If someone pulls the lever to vote “Republican” all the way down, their vote for TX-22 will be wasted. That’s right; it’s the *REPUBLICAN* vote that gets wasted this time ’round.

    Finally we can take that message that’s been used for decades to keep us down (amongst many, MANY tactics including our own incompetence, lol), and turn it into lemonades. :)

  11. Another note on polling, to back up what Stewart said: when volunteers went door-to-door in my area, what they said was used by City Council members in opposition to our ballot measure.

    In other words, what you say can and will be used against you. So if you volunteer, you MUST be professional and not confuse polling with advocacy.

  12. Oh, fun – I want to be a pollster. Here’s a sample poll I came up with:

    Are you satisfied with the delays in the release of the website, LibertyMix.com?

    Until it is released, do you want regular news and updates about LibertyMix.com?

    How long do you believe it will be before the site is finally released?

    How would you describe the months of delays LibertyMix.com with little to no regular updating to those that donated?

    Should the owners of Hammer of Truth and LibertyMix.com ever ask for money again, for any reason, would you consider donating?

  13. LibertyMix is delayed because Stephen V. is giving the Bill Peirce campaign his all. Fuck off.

  14. Howdy ZanderC, He does have some fun games there. He placed the poling in the forums section, sorry about not adding that bit of information.


  15. LibertyMix is delayed because Stephen V. is giving the Bill Peirce campaign his all. Fuck off.

    Um, yeah – that’s mature. So, we no longer have the right to ask where our money went, what’s being done with it, or when we’ll see the promised results. Remind me never to do business with you, if that’s okay in your book.

    I don’t remember, when we were pitched this idea, hearing “Release and/or updates about the site are subject to whether or not site creators get involved with political campaigns.” Even if such a disclaimer were presented, it’s no excuse for lack of timely (or any) updates.

    In conclusion, you’re a moron.

  16. “We need to sample at least 600 more voters to complete the first honest poll that has been done in US House District 22 in Texas. One poll did not mention me (even though mine is one of only two names on the ballot!) and a second poll identified me as Bob Smither of the Liberal Party.”

    It’s as though they’re deliberately trying to sabotage half of the candidates.

    Seriously, Texas, get this straight: in the 22nd district, in this election, the LP is a major party. Not a third-party, but rather a major party. Learn this fact. Thank.


    Alexander S. Peak
    Membership Chair, College Libertarians of Towson