Ever Wanted to Be a Pollster?

As Michelle’s experience earlier today suggests, the pollsters aren’t being honest with us. It seems they’re intentionally leaving out qualified names from their poll questions.
Bob Smither emailed a few minutes ago to ask for help in rectifying the situation: Become the pollster!

The phone rings and the poll begins: “If the election was held today, which of the following candidates would you vote for?”
Now is your chance to turn the tables on the pollsters and to really help my campaign for Congress!
We need to sample at least 600 more voters to complete the first honest poll that has been done in US House District 22 in Texas. One poll did not mention me (even though mine is one of only two names on the ballot!) and a second poll identified me as Bob Smither of the Liberal Party.
If you can call even a few folks to help with this, I would really appreciate it. All you need is Internet access and a phone. If you have not registered yet, just go to:
and sign up for a BallotBase account. Be sure to include my campaign code when you register:
After you register for my campaign, you will be called by a BallotBase volunteer with instructions for doing the calling.
I am very grateful to those who have already volunteered and made calls.
In order to get reliable data, we still need to make more calls. The BallotBase administrator feels that 25 callers could make the required calls in about 4 hours. If you have any time to help with this, please register today and spend some time calling.
We have some campaign events on hold until we get this polling done.
I really appreciate your continuing efforts for my campaign!

UPDATE: Please contact Kevin Tunstall of the Smither campaign to start making polling calls though Ballot Base. His e-mail is ktunstall@fortbendlp.org. He will be able to provide you with a special registration code which will enable you to immediately begin making calls.
The LP will be opening up Ballot Base for calls around 9:30 CT and shutting it down around 8:30 CT.