Ed’s da Man!

Ron Paul notwithstanding, it’s pretty rare that Libertarians endorse a Democrat or Republican for anything. That quite a few of them are endorsing one of the Secretary of State candidates in Alabama is indeed newsworthy. That I’ve endorsed such a candidate on a libertarian website is a first. That Green Party members are endorsing a Democrat is pretty rare. That Richard Winger, the editor of Ballot Access News, endorsed Ed Packard for Secretary of State in Alabama is indeed significant. Independent Alabama, Alabama’s only organization dedicated to election reform, endorsed Packard, too.

Packard, a member of the non-partisan organization Independent Alabama (IA), is already attracting the attention of voters across the political spectrum.

If his name appears on the state ticket in November, the non-partisan support Packard is sure to garner is represented by many respected figures, including Mark Bodenhausen, former Secretary of State candidate on the Libertarian Party ticket, who endorsed Packard’s candidacy with the following statement: “He [Packard] is well qualified for the position and has demonstrated non-partisanship, competency, and a fundamental fairness that his rivals lack.”

Bob Friedman, long time political activist and Chair of the Alabama Independent Movement, calls Ed “a true independent because, unlike his opponent, he’s more concerned about fair elections and an even playing field than about ideology.”

Matthew Hellinger, state organizer for the Green Party, declared that “Packard stands for real democracy, a quality that is exceedingly rare in politicians.”

In a rare endorsement, Richard Winger, the leading expert on ballot access in the US said, “Ed Packard has been unfailingly helpful. He’s just a gem. He’s always there to help people.”

On top of that, Packard was nice enough to drop by HoT to leave a comment:

Stephen, I appreciate your support and the support of Independent Alabama.

I am also writing to let you know that I’ve added a blog to my site so that I can speak more directly to some of the issues I think are important. I will be writing on ballot access within the next few days.

Again, thanks.

Ed, we’ll be watching your new blog for the article. And thank you!

Stephen Gordon

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  1. While Independent Alabama may be the only Alabama organization devoted to election reform per se, there is a non-partisan grassroots multi-ethnic organization with around 1,600 members in close to 40 counties whose goal is to eliminate voter fraud through legal means, which is certainly an essential part of election reform. I recommend that anyone concerned with having honest elections (without which we can’t even hope for honest government) go to the website of the Democracy Defense League @ http://www.thedemocracydefenseleague.com/ and join the organization to help it grow into a more influential organization by increasing its size and scope over more of our state.