Ed Thompson Documentary Released on DVD

I’ve seen the original and it was great. New trailers are available here. The final version promises to be much better. A copy was shipped to my house, so I hope to be able to review it over the next couple of days. Here’s the press release:

ed-thompsonmaxink.jpgMilwaukee, WI – May 10, 2006 – Ed Thompson calls himself a “common man” but he is anything but common. A documentary about him, aptly titled A REMARKABLE MAN, is now available on DVD.

The 82-minute documentary opens with Thompson’s famous free annual Thanksgiving dinner at his Tomah, WI, supper club, the Teepee. It goes on to cover his spirited younger days as a tavern owner, boxer, prison guard and professional poker player.

The 1997 gambling raid on the Teepee changed his life and eventually led to his involvement in politics.

The documentary captures many aspects of Ed Thompson’s multi-faceted personality, showing his charisma, wit, and spirituality. Thompson’s
story unfolds through numerous interviews with friends and family, including his older brother Tommy Thompson who was elected as Wisconsin’s Governor a record four times.

Ed is driven by a love of freedom and individual rights, and a strong determination to accomplish what he sets out to do. As brother Tommy
says, “When Eddie Thompson decides to do something you better get out of the way because no matter what you say he’s going to go ahead and do it his own way. And that’s what we love about him.”

A REMARKABLE MAN director Dave Hendrickson, who became close friends with Thompson while making the documentary, says, “If you love freedom, you’ll LOVE this movie. Ed is one in a million. Maybe one in ten million.”

The extras on the DVD include excerpts from Ed’s recent speeches, additional comments and interviews, his current projects, including
three of his weekly radio commentaries, and more. The extras contain enough material to comprise a movie by themselves.

These days, Thompson has expanded the Teepee the length of a Tomah city block, and he also offers a weekly radio commentary, “Just a Little Common Sense,” on local station WTMB-FM. The commentaries are archived at b945country.com.

A REMARKABLE MAN was produced by Eno Yaw, Ltd. Learn more about the movie at remarkableman.com. The DVD is priced at $16.95.


Ed Thompson
Phone: 608-343-6666

Dave Hendrickson
Phone: 414-352-1944

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  1. “It will be a cross between `Fahrenheit 9-11′ and `Super Size Me.”’

    This movie is kick-ass, I have seen the final copy!

    Ed Thompson’s trial was almost as unfair as mine, no wonder he became a Libertarian.

    The movie has 8 ‘extras’ which you won’t want to miss.

    For any Libertarian working on a statewide campaign, this great movie is must-see!


  2. This is an eye-opening documentary that both inspired and angered me all at once, by Ed Thompon’s tenacity and integrity, and angered by those who would sabotage his success for less than honorable purposes. The film offers many candid interviews with those who have had contact with Ed Thompson at some point, including former governor of Wisconsin Tommy Thompson himself. Equally as revealing were the periodic spots that inform the viewer which cowards refused to be interviewed for the film. The segment in which the film details the jury selection for the nickel slot machine case against Ed Thompson was fascinating. I would encourage those of you who see this film, to contact your local art house theater, and ask them to play this film. Also, contact your local video rental store, and ask them to stock this film. In addition, ask the organizers of your local film festivals to request that they show this film.

    Ed Thompson: A Remarkable Man is a must see for every Wisconsinite.