Drug War’s New Low: 4/20 Snitch Patrol

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Colorado University Boulder 420On April 20th (a.k.a. 4/20 or 420) CU Boulder students have a tradition of congregating on Farrand Field and doing the one thing that demands police intervention: looting and torching the student center. Ok, I just made that up. The truth is, these students are doing something far more heinous — smoking pot in public (via Boing Boing).

The horror!

Well, apparently the police this year decided to institute a really dumb program to take photos of everyone and have fellow students snitch on them, at $50 a head. I can imagine the proud parent’s bumper stickers now: “My kid narced on your student of the month.”

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Did I really see a picture of BitterOldPunk sparking up? No, no…just kidding, mate!

  2. I don’t see how they can prosecute people for this. How can they prove a given individual was smoking pot just from a picture? They could have been smoking anything.

  3. They are prosecuting them for trespassing, and if the picture shows them smoking pot, they may prosecute them for that as well.

  4. They got the Colbert roast (/2006/05/01/potential-replacement-for-tony-snow/).

  5. Greg, BoP was supposed to be partying with us last night. Not sure what happened to him, yet.

  6. Everyone has a price. Some are willing to snitch cheaper than others. You need to convince law enforcement not to pay for information.

    Again, I don’t care about whether people do drugs. It is a part of Darwinism, the weak use, the strong don’t. It is a way to cull the weak and inept from society, given enough time and enough drugs.

    I don’t use because I want to be alert and hypervigilent at all times.

    I saw the pictures and most look dumb and appear to be in a stupor. I say legalize drugs and promote huge drug fests. How about it? How many of you agree? There are just too many sorry asses taking up space on earth as it is anyway.

  7. Well, that’s a wee bit harsh Julian, but I think we can all agree that legalization is the most humane thing to do, rather than this outrageous drug war.

    Oh, and who wants to bet that those snitches get ostracized from their peers for the rest of their college lives?

  8. We ought to burn up that phone line with false info. Perhaps if they ran around like headless chickens long enough they would abandon this mindless project.

  9. Julian, drug use does not guarantee that someone is a “low life.” For example, Steve Jobs and Bill gates both did LSD. Steve Jobs described his experience on LSD as “one of the two or three most important things he has done in his life”. When he interviews potential employees, it is rumored that he even looks for people who have done LSD.

    There are many more examples.

  10. Hey Julian, do you drink?

    Why does altering one’s state make one “weak”?

    > I want to be alert and hypervigilent at all times.

    Try some speed.

  11. To Julian,
    you have pretty good eyes to see that “most look dumb and appear to be in a stupor”!!! If you want to stay alert and vigilent all the time that is because you need to, but you still can be a low life runner…Doing drugs doesn’t mean anything, it is just a way to experience certain “emotions” or altered mind state you cannot achieve sober…Maybe not necessary to you but not everyone is like you, i hope you know that…

    Best regards.

  12. Ian Bernard

    No, I do not use alcohol or tobacco. I did at one time and realized I was weak, wasting time and money and quit. I do enjoy one sport with a passion. I love firearms and am an expert shot because the time I would normally spend altering my mind with drugs, tobacco and alcohol I devote to improving my use of firearms, many different types from .50 calibre long range sniper rifles all the way down to BB guns and .22 pistols.

    Weapons are my passion, not mood and mind altering chemicals.

  13. Using substances such as cannabis and LSD can be a very liberating expeience. It can allow one to see the big picture and experience states of consciousness that cannot be experienced normally. I’ve written some amazing computer programs and have figured out problems that were bugging me for some time, after smoking cannabis. I have no doubt that when used moderately, it raises my intelligence. The government hates it because it helps people think outside the box and relize that government control is immoral.

    Julian, you said weapons are your passion. To each his own, but personally I despise weapons because they’re instruments of agrression and violence. The only legitimate use of weapons is self-defense. To use a weapon against an innocent animal is murder. Go vegan… you’ll be saving your health and the planet.

  14. Leroy

    You must be using now. Look at your spelling and sentence structure. Score, 1 for Julian, 0 for Leroy. I am wide awake and alert and can spell. Another example how stupid drugs make a person and the person believes he is smart and alert.

    I cannot be a vegetarian. It is no fun shooting a string bean. I would rather shoot an elk.

  15. Julian,

    Actually, I haven’t ingested any mind altering chemicals for over 7 months (for legal reasons only). I have no doubt that I could outscore you on any math, science or logic test. Yeah, as a stupid stoner who believes he’s smart and alert I scored 720 on the math half of the SATs 15 years ago before they were dumbed down. I was at the top of my classes in my math, science and computer engineering … all while getting stoned every day. Ok, so spelling and grammar aren’t my strong points, but we all have our stengths and weaknesses. Smoking pot does not make people stupid or lazy – that’s just a stereotype pushed by the government.

    You said you’d rather shoot an elk. Yeah, it takes a real man to take a high powered weapon and kill an innocent animal. I can only hope that karmic law holds and you wind up as a chicken in a factory farm.

  16. Julian, you write like you are BARKING mad! You sure you don’t have ‘roid rage? After I sparked up I noticed that you claim to be wide awake and ‘hypervigilent’? Mate, see below; Hyper-vigilant. Note, despite your drug-free, gun obsessed myopia you both misspelled the word AND forgot the hyphen. Go and play “Deerhunter”, puh-lease (sic).
    Score me 10, baby.
    Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
    One entry found for vigilant.
    Main Entry: vig·i·lant
    Pronunciation: ‘vi-j&-l&nt
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin vigilant-, vigilans, from present participle of vigilare to keep watch, stay awake, from vigil awake
    : alertly watchful especially to avoid danger
    synonym see WATCHFUL
    – vig·i·lant·ly adverb

  17. I think I took toke, once.

    but it was only this one time…. at band camp….

  18. BTW, in the spirit of Irony, my name means:GREGORY
    Gender: Masculine
    Usage: English
    Pronounced: GREG-or-ee [key]
    From the Latin Gregorius, which was from the late Greek name Γρηγοριος (Gregorios), which was derived from γρηγορος (gregoros) meaning “watchful, alert”. This was the name of several saints including three Fathers of the Church: Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus (3rd century), Saint Gregory of Nyssa, and Saint Gregory of Nazianzus (both 4th century). This was also the name of 16 popes, including Gregory I, who was known as Gregory the Great.
    Who is more ‘vigilant? Heh heh.

  19. I’ve stopped for awhile, but only because the good bud is too scarce these days. Way I see it, why waste the effort lighting up dirt?

  20. Julian/Leroy/Gregory,

    It’s amusing that each of you criticizes each others grammar and spelling. All of you have issues in both departments. Perhaps you should focus on the topic.

    Ineffective (not to mention unnecessary) supercilious comments only make you appear juvenile.

  21. Julian:

    “Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life.” Rand

    Hunting is an honorable pastime, and if it brings you happiness, then the elk that you shoot should be grateful that it could serve such a noble purpose. As a drinker, I believe that I am qualified to agree with you drugs do not equal happiness, however they may lead you to it (or dismally away from it if you are irresponsible). For example, drinking tends to accompany a more relaxed social environment.


    In reference to your promotion of a “vegan” diet, “karmic law,” and “saving the planet,” I can’t help but be unimpressed by your supposed SAT score. Not only would an intelligent person steer clear of such mindless counter-culturalism, but they also would not be touting their score on a test they took 15 years ago. It pains me to have to agree with you that drug use can be present in an intelligent person, but it certainly does not appear that you are that person.

  22. Burglar…ouch! Fair enough, to the post! East Germany’s STASI utilised 25-35% of it’s population to spy on the remainder, Der Hitler Jugen openly demanded that children inform on their parents & hmmm, Mao’s Cultural Revolutionaries did, as well! So, is Amerika displaying the same symptoms? Against young adults? EDUCATED (presumably) proto-citizens? People that can not even buy a beer yet are used as cannon fodder in foriegn invasions? When will the Thought Police start checking women’s panties to make sure they are Baptist Grand-Ma grade? Oh, sorry, that is in Iran…whoops…The USA is sliding to a Military/Theocracy, as well!

  23. GreginOz

    Double check spelling again. hypervigilant can be spelled without a hyphen (Merriam-Webster, 10th edition).


    Who am I to have an opinion or hunt?

    Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, University of Southern California

    Not bad for an ignorant, red neck swamp swimmer from Podunk, Georgia

    You must be a math genius. I guess you managed to obtain a Phd in ???? or are you still smoking too much weed to waste your time on an education?

    I still like hunting and even fish. How I love to hear the trout scream in pain when I reel them in. Heard any squash or tomatoes suffering in their last moments lately?