Do the Crime, Do the Time

The man who blamed his bank robbery spree on 9/11 was just sentenced to six years in prison. From Newsday, via Fark (which is on a roll tonight):

A former Wall Street trading clerk who became a serial bank robber was sentenced to more than six years in prison Wednesday for robbing or trying to rob 15 banks in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey in 2004.

Jason Battista, 28, of Valhalla, N.Y., became known as the “Bandage Bandit” for the white medical tape he placed over his face.

He also garnered attention for his unusual leniency request last year, when he told a judge that witnessing the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks contributed to his cocaine addiction, which fueled the robbery spree.

Defense attorneys wanted the prison sentence to be no more than four years, saying the drug addiction — exacerbated by the World Trade Center attacks — led to a diminished mental capacity.

Prosecutors asked for a sentence of about six or seven years, saying neither the drug addiction nor the terrorist attacks could be used to ask for leniency.

Like Battista, the neocons have used 9/11 as an excuse to throw the remains of the Bill of Rights into the garbage, thereby stealing more of our natural and legal rights. Personally, I’d accept a diminished mental capacity claim if it would place Bush & Company behind bars for the next four years.

Stephen Gordon

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