Divine Strake: Jesus’s 700 Ton Bomb

mushroom cloudThe military is planning to test out it’s largest non-nuclear bomb ever outside of Las Vegas, NV on June 2nd (hint hint city of heathens). Well, actually since no planes are big enough to carry the behemoth, they are simply detonating it in a bunker underground. Consider this:

The US military plans to detonate a 700 tonne explosive charge in a test called “Divine Strake” that will send a mushroom cloud over Las Vegas, a senior defense official said.

Tegnelia said the test was part of a US effort to develop weapons capable of destroying deeply buried bunkers housing nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

Mushroom cloud full of yummy biological or radiological goodness. I feel safer already!

But forget about all that for a moment and focus back on the size of this fucker… 700 TONS. The biggest airplane in the entire world — the old Soviet Antonov 225 — can only carry 250 tons of cargo. So is the military actually hinting at divine intervention in naming this thing Divine Strake? Apparently only god will be able to lift this thing and drop it anywhere.

In the comments IanC asks:

Question; is the bomb’s mass weighing in at 700 tonnes, or is that merely the force measurement of the explosive? (I.e.; an explosive equivalent to 700 tons of TNT?)

I did some googling around and found the answer:

The bomb consists of 700 tonnes of heavy ammonium nitrate fuel oil, which should create a blast equivalent to 593 tonnes of TNT.

The munition was developed because the US Congress has refused to fund a Pentagon proposal to develop nuclear-tipped bunker busting bombs.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Mike Nelson,

    I looked at your link.

    “A city like Des Moines, with its geographical location near Chicago, and it’s population (200,000), fits the profile of an ‘expendable’ target.”

    I certainly hope and pray not, I am moving there in the fall.

  2. Jake,

    I lived in both Missouri and Iowa (among other states). You are better off staying in Missouri. Or moving to Texas. :)

  3. Jake,

    No need to worry though, it looks like they are going to stick with a “conventional” 700 lb bomb instead of going nuclear. You should be okay as long as you are not at ground zero.

  4. Weird… I don’t know how they could apply this technology without a great amount of effort. The conspiracist in me thinks they are testing a low-yield nuke. I mean, it’s not like we haven’t made them before.

  5. Horn,

    The only practical use that makes sense to me would be internal (inside the US).

  6. I only plan on staying there for two years so I can finish college. After that I plan on moving south to escape the snow and cold.

  7. Jake,

    Bush only has about 1.5 years to finish us off. Missouri and Texas both have colleges.

  8. Mike, why do you think your conspiracy theory will be complete by the end of bush’s term?

  9. Question; is the bomb’s mass weighing in at 700 tonnes, or is that merely the force measurement of the explosive? (I.e.; an explosive equivalent to 700 tons of TNT?)

    The reason I ask is because as far as detonations go, a 700-ton explosion is fully, and easily, within the realm of non-nuclear detonations. Keep in mind that modern H-bombs are measured in the hundreds of megatons of TNT. If this is merely a 700-ton TNT equivalent detonation, they could for example be using, say, a couple-hundred lb.s’ of C-4. (Don’t know the equivalencies, that was a hare’s leap of a guess. But it demonstrates the point.)

    Measurements, like statistics, can be warped significantly to demonstrate any given point. And my inner scientist is turning in his grave right now. :)

    Your link doesn’t provide contact info to answer this question.

  10. Maybe this is an attempt to destroy those who didn’t vote for him. Maybe this could shake the ground enough to jolt the CA fault and half of California would fall into the ocean. Naw – but I bet he has his fingers when this thing goes off.

  11. Sounds to me like it’s not a weapon they plan on putting into service but rather a test to measure the effectiveness of heavy explosives on granite.

    The aim is to measure the effect of the blast on hard granite structures, he said.

    “If you want to model these weapons, you want to know from a modeling point of view what is the ideal best condition you could ever set up in a conventional weapon — what’s the best you can do.

    “And this gets at the best point you could get on a curve. So it allows us to predict how effective these kinds of weapons … would be,” he said.

  12. Jake, if you want to work toward greater Liberty, New Hampshire is the place to be, despite the occasional cold & snow here.

  13. Roger — if a 700 ton bomb detonated near LV could do that, then we should outlaw all tractors/semis on the highways.

    After all; the tremors from a semi on the road over a faultline is far more powerful in terms of geosiesmic effect locally to the faultline when it drives over it.

  14. Mike – interesting scenario, although the excessive hyperbole about Zionists screws it up a bit.

  15. Not that I would know, because I don’t but I think they are testing to find out what kind of nuclear yeild they would need to cause the damage they are looking for. They are also probably trying to send a message to our friends in Terhan that we are getting ready to do what some feel must be done. Using a non-nuclear device avoids violating the nuclear test ban treaty, but allows you to study the effects of an equivilent nuclear device.

    I’m guessing they problaby alraedy have such a device they just want to know if it will work.

    Just my guess.


  16. I wonder if such tests really promise global peace. Rather a race (up to whatever extent all enemies to each other could go) is surely going to pace in a trial of portraying or practically confirming what damage who can possibly cause to others. God bless this planet! We should rather concentrate on how all races can create mass tolerance towards what others believe in. Only if we were just to others … and to ourselves.

  17. Steven; just now saw your edit. Definitely answers the question, and also definitely makes the military seem much sillier.

    I mean, 700 tonns of “heavy ammonium nitrate fuel oil”?

    ‘Cause I’m certain that all those evil terrorist corn-farmers out there are planning to surreptitiously sneak hundreds and hundreds of tons of said fuel oil onto the military installations of peace-loving militarized countries around the world.


  18. It’s not a “device”. It’s a huge wad of goo with an effective yield of barely over a half kiloton…FAR, FAR ,FAR from the “largest non-nuclear bomb ever”. In fact, there have been MUCH LARGER blasts of ANFO at White Sands.

    It’s not a real bomb, unless we build the most unbelievable Slurpee machine to deliver it.

    “Hammer of Truth”? Heh!

  19. The bigger the bang, the better. God bless nuclear weapons, large and small. Why are we wasting taxpayers money on such weaponry that has little practical value when smaller, more powerful nuclear weapons would be much better.

    Yes, I am of the opinion that it is just fine if we have and use nukes but other countries should not have the same devices. Call it a double standard but it is one sure fire way for a country of less than 300 million people to survive against the rest of the world. It works for me.

  20. I wondered about the actual size of the explosive, too. It appears the media reports are correct, and the charge is, indeed, 700 tons of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil.

    Obviously, an explosive like this is too heavy to be delivered by plane or missile. So why aren’t they modeling blast effects with a smaller charge?

    I’m just guessing here, but I think it’s because we are constructing nuclear bunker-busters. By treaty, we can’t test such weapons. But we can approximate them with conventional explosives.

    Googling around, it appears the Pentagon has already computer modeled similar devices. The reason they’re actually detonating Divine Strake is to measure the resulting ejecta. That way they’ll be able to estimate the potential effects of nuclear fallout when they drop the real thing.

    Again, I’m just guessing. But nothing else makes sense.

  21. Mike Nelson

    Was your link a joke or do you believe the “Zionists” (Israelis), which I interpret as Jews worldwide are going to do what the scenario depicts? If so, you are a propogandist and hate monger in the very way Hitler was.

    Please tell me you linked to that site as a joke and are not serious.

  22. Julian,

    It was not a joke, but rather a very likely scenario. I don’t think all of these people are Jewish by the way. Race and religion have nothing to do with it.

  23. ” we should outlaw all tractors/semis on the highways.

    After all; the tremors from a semi on the road over a faultline is far more powerful in terms of geosiesmic effect locally to the faultline when it drives over it. ”

    I gather – this has been tested? I would hate to see semi trucks outlawed in california.

  24. My god, OneStopPhilosophy Junkies are naming SIMULATED nuclear weapons…

    evangelicals with the clout to influence the NAMING of WMD. Thank you Hoover: did you get ENOUGH religious desert freaks into the FBI & Government???

    What are they doing, is this going to be about actually DROPPING one of these bastards (hell, they’re too heavy, they’ll drop a smaller one, once they carry the 2… ) on Iran, or is it a tool to teach terror to the World & the middle-classes of the West?

    compliance, compliance, compliance.”

    Join the revolution: get laid, while we still can.


  25. Julian,
    Geeze, man. Get a grip.
    In the words of Deep Throat, “Follow the money.”The Zionist thing is just a front. It’s all about money & power. Same as it always was. Your friends might not be who you think they are. The worst that could happen is that old gray haired guys like us are fighting each other in the streets instead of the the true enemy, the corporatists. Me? I’m out the city and into the woods.

  26. The reason for the detonation is obvious. They want to see what a .7 k/ton nuke penetrator would do to underground structures like a secret nuclear facility. It’s part of Our Leader’s Iran “strategy.”

  27. Simple insanity -starting with Bush who has the mentality of a 3rd grader. Has anyone considered the poliferation started with US? If Canada attacked the US would it not be expected that Mexico would beef up it’s defenses. All this nonsence about Iran -the global supply of oil is shrinking. Being an oil nation they know first hand, so in effect them building nuclear facilities for energy production is logical.

  28. the poitnof this is niether practical or scientific. the point is to show iran that even with a un ban on nuclear weapons we can blow up thier whole country. this isnt science its a threat. even irani physicist can figure out that if we can use a conventional bomb to destroy such a normally unreachable target, then what could we do with a few hundred ton hydrodgen fission bomb if we chose to ignore the un (we wouldnt do that now would we) the term glass parking lot comes to mind.

  29. Remote Viewing a Ten Thousand Foot High Mushroom:

    Bigbro says: Talk about your Alice in Wonderland fantasy with a 700 ton ammonium nitrate bomb creating a volcanic activity in the Nevada desert come this June: that’s not pounds, that 700 tons of fertilizer making possibly the biggest non-enriched uranium bomb yet used by homo erectus. This is a bomb 280 times more powerful than the ammonium nitrate bomb used by Timothy McVeigh to paralyze Oklahoma City. This is a bomb bigger than the fertilizer fire that destroyed Texas City in 1947.

    This is a firecracker bigger than the combined power of all the Fourth of July fireworks shot into the sky since the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

    And what will our government do with this technology once it has created a nucler winter over Nevada without the use of enriched uranium or plutonium? Why, they’ll sell it to India and Pakistan just like our government has sold India and Pakistan nuclear power. I mean, talk about your reserves of cow shit ammonium nitrate, between India and Pakistan they can build a 1,400 ton ammonium nitrate bomb. With that kind of technology outsourced that means that in the future the technology of the bunker buster ammonium nitrate bomb will filter into Al Qaeda hands, and you can bet the farm on the rest of what’s left of the history of civilization after World War Three.

    So, remote viewers and potential remote viewers all over the world, the ten thousand foot high cow shit mushroom cloud will reach for the heavens in the near future. The media is not talking much about this Armageddon type technology. The government doesn’t want us to see too much of the mushroom cloud.

    It’s up to remote viewing to observe the biggest non-nuclear pre-Fourth of July fireworks spectacular known to humankind. How synchronistic that this month is the twentieth anniversary of Chernobyl……….bigbro aka fred call

    With Enough Cow Shit to Destroy the World:

    700 Ton Bomb Up a Frog’s Ass:

  30. If they replaced the ‘i’ in ‘strike’ with an ‘a’ to make ‘strake’ maybe this is a hint they will secretly replace the conventional explosives with an ‘A’-bomb too?

  31. Hey mike and the people of this great nation. why are we the people tolerating such nonsense. I mean lets get this straight the tsunami in tailand in my opinion was the after effect of nuclear testing in the ocean and was devastating taking thopusands of lives, and now our gov is testing less than 175 miles from my door a 7000 pound or 1 1/2million kilo ton bomb. thats ludacrist! Well as it seems people in my neck of the woods are still dying from fallout from previous test they are not only putting me and my family at risk but the rest of this nation. by disturbing the desert floor will send fallout floating in the wind this will infact send radio waste in the direction of the wind and have catastophic consequence’s and thats scary. believe me I will get some of the best footage of this if not the only footage from a birdseye view. scot carlos corbett.

  32. That is real close to the yucca mountain nucleur dump and could very well disturb the containment facility, but what do I know im just a citisen of this country ask a immigrant they get better treatment than the citisens of this nation under god with liberty and justice for all

  33. Wake up folks…there is NO BOMB! The experiment will consist of the detonation of 700 tons of ammonium nitrate-fuel oil (ANFO) above an existing tunnel constructed for other research efforts. ANFO is commonly used in mining and commercial blasting operations. The amount of explosive was selected to achieve differing levels of ground shock””severe to light””along the length of the tunnel.

    This experiment supports the Tunnel Target Defeat Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration, which is intended to improve and validate computer model planning tools used to defeat hardened and deeply buried targets. Specifically, the Divine Strake experiment will validate and assess the capability of computer codes to predict the ground-shock environment and how the tunnel responds to that shock. This experiment is not being conducted to support any specific, existing or planned conventional or nuclear weapon. Nor does it represent a specific target.

  34. um.. just wondering do any or you fully understand just how big of a blast 700 tons of ANFO makes? rember oklahoma city and that nut who parked a truck infortont of the bulding. he didnt have to use very much to do what it did. think of it this way a MOAB bomb will take out a city block with little efort, and its only 21,000 LBs of high explosive, thats the biggest thing we got next to a nuke. 700 tons of ANFO however makes MOAB look like a firecraker. besides if we need to kill hardened bunkers we just call the navy and let them use a tomahawk missle and put it in the front door, if that wount work thy will just use a J-DAMM cause it dont care how much its got to go through. besides to test for soemthing that is already been proved and in use is pointless.

    Jakefox your local bomb expert