Did Curiosity Kill the 6-Year-Old Tomcat?

I complain a lot about the lack of common sense in risk evaluation. In our effort to be totally safe, it sure seems like we make some stupid decisions. In today’s news, thebostonchannel.com reports that a Brockton, MA first grader was suspended from school last month for sexual harassment. Wow, I guess first graders really do think about sex.

The six year old boy told his mother that the girl initiated the physical contact.

“My son told me that the girl touched him first, so he touched her back,” Dorinvil said. “I was shocked. I was crying. I was out of control,” Dorinvil said.

Hmmm, sounds like an old fashion game of “doctor” to me. Or is it the “I will show you mine if you show me yours” game? Having been a child, and having much experience with children, I would guess that this was not a malicious assault. I would bet that it was no more than curiosity, but I guess that cannot be left to chance in our hyper PC world. The official comment is,

“The safety and well-being of Brockton public school students and staff is of the utmost important to us, and we take all allegations of sexual harassment seriously.”

Apparently, safety from six year old “sex offenders” is so important, the boy was not allowed to transfer schools. Sadly, as I sit here worried about the school’s lack of judgment, a young American boy fears arrest. I wonder what else he might fear later.

  1. This is stupid. Rapist often times don’t payback the victim for their crime and are let out of prison with little or no punishment while schools and some parents worry about a six year old sex offender.

  2. I’ve seen equally horrible situations – a kid in middle school who was constantly harrassed in the locker room (surprise?) one day blew up and hit another kid in the head with a Master lock got sent to JuV. Hell, I blew up a couple of times in middle school, but that’s just what middle schoolers do.

  3. That girl will be branded for life. There are no provisions to remove a person from any “sex offender” list. This is the result of the “zero tolerance” approach to life. It truly is a return to the medieval physical branding of a person as a permanent mark. I wonder if anyone has done any studies correlating popularity of “zero tolerance” and the wane of “mainstream” Christianity in the West. When a doctrine based on forgiveness is replaced by the doctrines of Divine Vengeance and the state as a substitute for God, can society be far behind?

  4. The stupidest part of it is that it really could only kinda maybe be considered sexual harassment if you’re over the age of 13. How can it be sexual harassment if the kid doesn’t even know what “sexual” means. The kid was trying to snap the girls waistband. It sounds like he was trying to tease her as kids do, not grope her.

  5. Yeah, as I said on the blog post this pissed me off enough to make, these kids probably don’t even know how sex works, much less do they have any measurable amount of sex hormones in their blood.