Democrats target “wrong” write-in in TX-22

TX-22 DCCC mailer
This is so damn clever, I wish the LP could came up with ideas like this (more images at the link):

The candidate, Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, is upset about a mailer the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently spent $50,000 to send to voters in her district, TX-22 — but not because the mailer attacks her. The DCCC targets another Don Richardson, another GOP candidate who’s trailing badly in polls. In its mailer, the DCCC attacks him for being “too conservative” for the district.
The DCCC won’t discuss its strategy here, but it’s pretty transparent: They’re hoping to boost Richardson’s name recognition and help him peel votes away from Sekula-Gibbs, who is the GOP-endorsed nominee. (DeLay’s botched late resignation, you might remember, has left Republicans without a candidate on the ballot — so Sekula-Gibbs, the GOP’s endorsed write-in nominee, has been forced to compete with Richardson and Libertarian Bob Smithers for every conservative voter she can get.)

I’m not sure if their plan will work, but if it splits those write-in Republican voters who won’t vote for anyone else then both Lampson and Smither stand to gain substantially from this move.