Democrat Congressman Busted in Bribery Sting

Congressman William JeffersonRep. William Jefferson, D-La has been caught taking $100,000 in cash in an unfolding bribery scandal:

A congressman under investigation for bribery was caught on videotape accepting $100,000 in $100 bills from an FBI informant whose conversations with the lawmaker also were recorded, according to a court document released Sunday. Agents later found the cash hidden in his freezer.

[…] As Jefferson and the informant passed notes about what percentage the lawmaker’s family might receive, the congressman “began laughing and said, ‘All these damn notes we’re writing to each other as if we’re talking, as if the FBI is watching,'” according to the affidavit.

The best part is that House Speaker Dennis Hastert is pissed that the FBI raid on Jefferson’s office oversteps constitutional limitations on executive powers:

“Nothing I have learned in the last 48 hours leads me to believe that there was any necessity to change the precedent established over those 219 years,” the Illinois Republican said in a prepared statement.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., said that he was “very concerned” about the incident and that Senate and House counsels would review it.

But warrentless wire-tapping of the rest of the nation is just hunky dory. If you ever thought the Republicans and Democrats were on separate teams, you need to read that last part again. They care about constitutional limitations when that chicken comes home to roost on their doorstep.

Update: Even DailyKos is calling for his resignation. And it also seems Jefferson was so mired in his own little world of corruption that in the midst of Katrina, he comandeered guard troops so that he could supposedly go pick up bribe money from his house.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. The best part is that House Speaker Dennis Hastert is pissed that the FBI raid on Jefferson’s office oversteps constitutional limitations on executive powers.

    What comes around goes around (and vice versa).

  2. Another corrupt politician. What else is new? The rule of law, morality and ethics never applies to them, just to the common people.

  3. if not held criminally responsible, this man will undoubtedly be reelected. the level of hypocrisy that we have come to expect and tolerate from politicians is terrifying. there really is no solution. only people of this power thirsty money loving ilk have what it takes to get elected. of course they will behave poorly. they cannot do otherwise.

  4. As a Louisiana resident, I can definitely confirm that Jefferson commandeered gaurd units to go to his house. I didn’t know why… picking up a large amount of cash (from bribes) seems to be a more likely reason than just trying to collect a few personal effects. Hell, he might have even promised the guards men a bit of that money to get them moving.

    Anyway, Louisiana politics are more corrupt than most I think (Julian).