Delay for White House Budget Position… Bwuuh?!

I’m so floored, I can only tender the commentary to the artist formerly known as Wonkette (she still blogs, people) since she has the mad ability to condense more snark into 3 small paragraphs as she describes Delay being on the short list for Office of Management and Budget director:

I guess the Bushies just really don’t give a fuck anymore, do they? I kind of like that attitude: Very steal-the-sheets-raid-the-mini-bar-who-gives-a-shit-about-the-deposit-now. Of course, who knows what they’ll do next if they’ve just stopped caring. Nuke Iraq? Re-nominate Harriet Miers? Outlaw the New York Times? Oh, oh: double the cost of perscription drugs, just for the hell of it. Use the money to finally build that wall between the U.S. and Mexico… out of solid gold.

So that’s why gold prices are through the roof. Knowing this government, I’d suggest investing in De Beers in case they go for a diamond crusted razor wire at the top due to contractor overruns.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. This is starting to remind me of South Park episode 217:

    If the “Bushies” were the Gnomes? What would happen?

    Bush Gnome 1: This is where all our work is done.
    Kyle: So what are you gonna do with all evil people you hire?
    Bush Gnome 1: Hiring evil people is just phase one. Phase one: Hire evil people
    Kyle: So what’s phase two?
    Bush Gnome 1 to Bush Gnome 2: Hey, what’s phase two?!
    Bush Gnome 2: Phase one: we hire evil people.
    Bush Gnome 1: Ya, ya, ya. But what about phase two?
    Bush Gnome 2: Well, phase three is profit. Get it?
    Stan: I don’t get it.
    Bush Gnome 2: (Goes over to a chart on the wall) You see, Phase one: Hire evil people, phase two-
    Bush Gnome 2: Phase three: profit.
    Hartman: Oh I get it.
    Stan: No you don’t.
    Kyle: Do you guys know anything about corporations?
    Bush Gnome 2: You bet we do.
    Bush Gnome 1: Us Bush Gnomes are geniuses at corporations.