Decrim Bill in Mexico Freaking Some Americans Out

Mexico will probably decriminalize small quanties of marijuna, cocaine, LSD, Ecstasy and heroin for personal use. The bill has passed in both chambers of the Mexican Congress and it seems that Vincente Fox will sign the bill. From Reuters:

Owning marijuana, cocaine and even heroin will no longer be a crime in Mexico if the drugs are carried in small amounts for personal use, under legislation passed by the Congress.

Police will not penalize people for possessing up to 5 grams of marijuana, 5 grams of opium, 25 milligrams of heroin or 500 milligrams of cocaine, under a bill passed by senators late on Thursday and earlier approved by the lower house.

People caught with larger quantities of drugs will be treated as narcotics dealers and face increased jail terms under the plan.

The government says the measure allows police to focus on major drug dealers, and President Fox is expected to sign it into law.

Here’s a sampling of what the right is saying about it already. Tracey Eaton:

Now this. Let’s just legalize drugs. Talk about stoking the flames. You’ve got protesters waving Mexican flags on American streets. You’ve got people singing the “Star-Spangled Banner” in Spanish. Now let’s just throw another fat marijuana brick on the fire and legalize heroin.

Open a fresh pack of needles — ah, heck, just use the old ones — and let’s get the party started.

Janelle Hironimus:

U.S. officials scrambled to come up with a response to the bill.

“The United States and Mexico have a strong history of counternarcotics cooperation, and the Fox administration has taken a firm stand against illegal drug cultivation, trafficking and abuse,” said Janelle Hironimus, a State Department spokeswoman. She said the department was trying to get “more information” about the measure.

One U.S. diplomat who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly said “any effort to decriminalize illegal drugs would not be helpful.”

Judith Bryan:

But the legislation came as a shock to Washington, which counts on Mexico’s support in the fight against smugglers who move large quantities of drugs through Mexico to U.S. users.

“I would say any law that decriminalizes dangerous drugs is not very helpful,” said Judith Bryan, spokeswoman for the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City.


So, get ready for more drugs flowing into America. After all, now it will simply be illegal immigrants with illegal drugs.

Actually, someone I read suggested that this is one way to get many illegals to return to Mexico.

I’m wondering if DEA Administrator Karen Tandy will have Mexican President Vincente Fox arrested in Mexico for violation of U.S. law if he signs the bill. After all, that’s what they did to Marc Emery in Canada.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. Hopefully the law also protect those with the small amounts from having to reveal their sources, who would most likely have too much.
    Look for this to used as another excuse to build a giant wall between the US and Mexico

  2. I wonder how long it will be before the Mexican government has to start holding anti-Illegal Immigrant demonstrations because of all the Americans about to rush the Mexican border in order to get high without fear.

    This could get very interesting.

    Go Mexico!

  3. I’ve said this before…

    the real reason for the wall on the border is to keep Americans in who will want to flee this country in the future.

    In the short term, it’s being sold as a barrier to keep those who want to come in, out…

    but once the wall is built, it will be trivial to turn the guns around…

  4. Nigel, I disagree. Let me explain:

    Whenever a government allows some degree of freedom that wasnt present before, it always claims to be harsher on those that cross the new line. For example, Iowa recently raised the speed limit from 65 to 70 mph. And, the state gov’t made it clear that anyone who speeds above 70 is going to get a much harsher punishment. However, everyone still sets the cruise-control 5 over the speed limit just like before, and the end result is drivers being able to travel faster. If you applied your reasoning here, you would say that raising the speed limit would lead to slower driving.

    In the same way, the Mexican gov’t is allowing more freedom rather than less. Even if they become stricter on drug dealers, allowing citizens to use drugs is a much greater freedom gained than lost. And, we all know that relaxed drug laws lead to lower drug prices, which lead to lower crime incentive. The result is a freer, safer mexico. And, indirectly, a safer US too.

  5. Nigel:
    Do you disagree then that more drug freedom equals lower drug prices?
    If not, do you disagree that lower drug prices equals lower crime incentive?
    I’m confused…

    I agree, this story is all good news.

  6. Price has little to do with crime – even diamonds, which fund violent groups in Africa, are not the cause of that violence. Restriction leads directly to the existence of a black market, and since this increases restrictions on drugs (while raising freedom for the individual), it will lead to more violence.

  7. All I can say is go Mexico, I am not a drug user myself but I think the United States should do the same they can legalize alcohol but not drugs. Let’s see have you ever been so drunk you can’t drive? “Dangerous” Try doing some meth and drive you become very alert, unlike alcohol when you about run off the road. GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO, GO MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hell,
    at least do enact this type of law (Legalization)
    on a TRIAL basis. If legalization
    brings about massive addiction and drug abuse
    then end it. Historically, we know legalization
    doesn’t do that. Look at Amsterdam. Most
    people on the street couldn’t care less about pot.
    They have their jobs and their families to deal with,
    just like any city.

  9. Call it BIG BALLS by the Mexicans to REALISTICALLY look at what is REALLY going on, what people REALLY do on their own time, and MAKE A STAND for ‘Reality Based Laws’… UNKLIKE the US which is keen of keeping non-violent offenders in Prisons. The Drug War in America is a pathetic failure. The USA has spend TRILLIONS of dollars to only see NO drop in drug use. WHY? Because the truth, the TRUTH, is that people don’t really give a damn about the DEA’s laws, they will do what they do. Now they can do it in Mexico – freely, and without fear of retribution, and not be imprisoned, lose their job, forfiet their homes, cars and money to the biggest failure in US History: The Drug War!

  10. Finally !!!!!!
    I have waited a lifetime for a country to get some balls. If this does go through and they don’t crumple to US pressure. In two years you will be able to see that they have had a reduction in violent crime. They will see that PROHIBITION DOES NOT WORK !!! The sooner we all realize this the better and we can spend the money on this rediculuos drug war on things we truly need. They will NEVER stop drugs. This way they can shift the money from the trafficers to the goverment either by goverment manufacturing or taxing. Bring rise to small businessman and large to boot. This is not as crazy as many people would like you to think. They are not going to be putting in the mouths of babies or mommies either. I think we will see the same happen that has happened in places such as Holland. Its going to help more than it hurts. Kids won’t be so apt to want to try it because it is legal. Also you would still have to cross the border to do it and bringing it back is always risky.

  11. Ha! Fox freaking caved, crumpled, folded. Balls shriveled and retracted, full pelvic retraction. Big bully blockheads DEA keep driving the world into an insane foggy denial, no less irrational than fairy-tale believing religious fundamentalists of all creeds.