David Nolan to Run for Congress

It looks like one of the founding members of the Libertarian Party is running for office in Arizona. David Nolan, creator of the Nolan Chart, had filed the required nominating petitions to the office of the secretary of state by Wednesday’s 5 p.m. deadline.

According to The Arizona Daily Star, “In the highly competitive 8th District congressional race, things aren’t any narrower than before.”

Nolan won’t be facing primary election competition. According to the article, the Democrats who will be facing off in the primary are: Gabrielle Giffords, William (Bill) Johnson, Jeff Latas, Alex Rodriguez, Francine Shacter and Patty Weiss. The Republican list includes: Frank Antenori, Randy Graf, Mike Hellon, Steve Huffman and Mike Jenkins. Nolan will face the winners of the Republican and Democrat primary in November’s general election.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. If you have the pleasure of meeting David in person, be sure to ask him about the most bizarre poker game he has ever played.