Dallas Libertarian Candidates On The News

I have a crazy busy evening but had to share this video clip. I heard that a certain person at a Dallas news station was a bit put off about the Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate being excluded from some one on one interviews. The rumor is that the person decided to get some libertarian congressional candidates on. We all know how the grapevine works. I cannot speculate on the behind the scenes at the station, but there was a friend somewhere. Enjoy.

  1. OK, I got it to work in IE. (shudder.) Good clip. I actually was doing some work for Hawley, but he stopped responding to my emails, so I stopped. Good to see he’s still around.

  2. The heavyset man didn’t impress me, because he seemed more “I’m running because I hate taxes.” But hey — whatever floats your boat.

    The other two guys were *very* well-spoken, and in sound-byte terms this was a *great* piece. Short, but GREAT.

  3. I thought Chris did a fine job. I liked that he said he is running libertarian because the Republican Party let him down. All three were great to me.

  4. I sent a thank you email to the NBC channel 5 station for running this segment. Thank you also to the three candidates who spoke for our Libertarian Party on this TV story. Great efforts going on in Texas.

  5. Great clip although it focused too much on sound bites. I wish NBC had just a little more time for substance.

    Michelle you are looking great! Big Fan

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