Dallas Gets Our Own Bomb Scare

The newest bomb scare had nothing to do with England, Miami or Michigan. The newest bomb threat was right here in Dallas. Learning the name of the young man with the bomb has proven difficult- because he is 9.

Yep, you heard me. The kid is 9. Dallas Police Department’s bomb squad secured and detonated the makeshift coffee can bomb which the boy said came from a friend at Kleberg Elementary. According to DISD spokesperson, Celso Martinez, disciplinary action against the 9 and 10 year old boys could be decided today.

I don’t know about you, but I want to feel safe in my city. I am calling for authorities to ban coffee cans and little boys. Nobody will be safe as long as little boys have imaginations. And thank God that I have the Dallas Morning News as my local paper. I appreciate getting real news like this. I am sooooo happy that they keep silly information like this from distracting me from local terrorism.

  1. Gee, my locale has had half a dozen or more bombings in the last few weeks and we aren’t in the news. Just had one yesterday, as a matter of fact…where the F@#k is CNN and Der Gestapo? I feel so freakin’ terrorised I’m gonna have to have another cup of coffee. Can’t help but wonder what Gitmo camp the kids in my area will get if they’re caught?

  2. Prohibition. I don’t think it works. I predict those boys will grow up to work on the bomb squad, as long as their arrest record is sealed, assuming they made it from curiosity, not malice.

  3. Ridiculous…truly ridiculous. It just goes to show that America is too busy worrying about other countries than their own. If we could just take the time to look at our own problems, and not the problems of other countries. You see I am a fifteen your old kid, and at this age I have already seen things most people havent seen in their entire lives. This truly troubles me; to the fact that a child so young has to live with such problems. I feel that if we could just worry about what America is going through, then we will be much better off.

  4. Well, I would simply say our economy, and lack of worry for the problems we Americans face on a day to day life.

  5. Arthur, aren’t you Riss’s classmate? I am pleased to see younger people here. Pay attention and follow with your arguments. We like seeing new input. There are many topics outside of this one.

    Larissa’s mom, michelle

  6. Yes, I am and of course I shall follow with other topics. My only hope is to really voice my opinion of not only another person, but as the point of view of a younger person.