Critical Post-Mortem of Weld’s Campaign

Bill WeldThe LGBT newspaper Bay Windows takes one last swipe at Bill Weld:

I was flat-out wrong. Bill Weld’s campaign, run in large part by right-wing G.O.P. operative Rob Gray, was an amalgamation of back peddling, lame excuses for suspicious business dealings which did not pass “the smell test,” to use one of the governor’s more remembered quotes, and a platform of such outdated, unappealing and “we’ve heard all that before” pabulum that even Weld’s fellow moderate Republicans “” few and far between in New York as it is “” did not come close to embracing the candidate. His attention deficit disorder is rarely discussed, but it was so obviously the primary reason for his peripatetic and brief New York political career.

[…] The civil libertarian streak in Bill Weld seemed so completely solid and deeply spiritual that his abandonment of this so-Weldian belief in gay marriage may, ironically, have hurt the guv with conservatives themselves. Let’s face it, even your opponents respect you for sticking to your guns and ignore you when you turn out to be plastic.

I know we’ve already beat the Weld thing into the ground, but it bears noting that the LPNY took a huge gamble on someone who turned out to be a politician at heart. Which hurts worse than being screwed over by a run-of-the-mill Republican or Democrat just trying to get in bed with the Libertarian bloc.

  1. LOL, “turned out”. Who could have POSSIBLY imagined such a highly improbable scenario???

  2. What I wrote of Weld in about 1999:

    “Some will argue that the Republican Party restrains the Democrats from unwise deeds. However, when Bill Weld appeared to have a veto-sustaining majority in one house of the state legislature, he did nothing with it, preferring to cut deals with the other party. Now the Republicans can’t sustain a Governor’s veto in either house of the state legislature. Can you tell the difference? In fact, in 1996 the Republicans scarcely ran candidates for more than a third of the 200 seats. There are six Republicans in the State Senate, and those 6 Republicans are less useful than the tits on a male bulldog. They’re purely decorative. Even on as fundamental an issue as gun control,in 1998 it was the Democratic Party that provided the votes and legislators needed to save the Second Amendment.”

  3. “Which hurts worse than being screwed over by a run-of-the-mill Republican or Democrat just trying to get in bed with the Libertarian bloc.”

    I truly wish MORE Republicans and Democrats who lean more to the libertarianish side of the political spectrum would learn to put their economic differences aside to retake our Government from the police state loving, autoritarian liberals and conservatives. THAT is the ONLY way we will ever stop “big brother” in his tracks.

  4. I remember calls long ago for Libertarians to “get real” and embrace “libertarians at heart” such as Weld, and New Mexico’s Gary Johnson. So now we’ve tried that. Clearly the gamble on Weld didn’t pan out, and I read that Johnson tried to distance himself from the LP as soon as talk about his potential as an LP “draft candidate” became somewht serious.

    I feel sorry for the LPNY. First Stern, then Weld. Both of ’em said they would carry the LP banner to the finish line, come what may. Both proved to have feet of clay. Too bad there isn’t someone like Wisconsin’s Ed Thompson in NY (or my state of CA, for that matter). Ed proved himself to be the real deal, a tireless campaigner, and an impressive vote-getter. Ed earned respect for Libertarians, which is what the LPNY badly needs after stumbling so visibly twice, now.