McKinney’s Cracker-crats and Oreo Candidates

Cynthia McKinney websiteYou gotta love the subjective nature of Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), who not only gives voice to invective-prone Greg Palast, but is associated with others who make pretty wild remarks (read: race-baiting):

Greg Palast:
The good ol’ boy cracker-crats of the Republican party are having themselves a regular hootenanny over allegations that congresswoman Cynthia McKinney landed a punch on a security guard at the Capitol.

Michael Ruppert:
“An Oreo black candidate named Denise Majette emerged as lots of money poured from the coffers of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) […]”

Normally, it wouldn’t be enough just for someone on the campaign side of a Congresscritter or Senator’s website to make some race-bating remarks (just ask Trent Lott, who had to say such stupid things himself). But when your whole political career has hinged on playing the race card over and over again, it’s ludicrous when they’re caught talking out of both sides of their mouth.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Can you imagine what would happen if a white Republican congressman had prominently displayed on the front page of their website a derogatory racial slur?

    Why is this women still in congress? She’s a racist. She hit a cop.

  2. I think that all sides can agree that McKinney is an absolute nutcase who has no place in government. Even if I were a satirist writing from a viewpoint 180 degrees from my own, I would still make that claim.

  3. I would say that it reflects rather poorly. I do not think you can judge an entire population on their elected leaders, though. Remember, there are many fine people who were not quite enlightened enough to vote for the Holy President Bush.

  4. “I would say that it reflects rather poorly. I do not think you can judge an entire population on their elected leaders, though.”

    Agreed. Don’t underestimate the number of people in McKinney’s and the surrounding districts who would love nothing more than to see her replaced by just about anyone. If I lived a half mile further east I’d be in her district. Yikes!

    On a side note, I highly recommend checking out her glamour shots on her official Congressional website.

  5. I went to see the pictures. That woman is terrifying. I think we need to let more people know about her…maybe a Conservatives for American Values post is in order for her.

    Oh, and Joe, you might want to move. Redistricting could be very unpleasant for you.

  6. Herman — much as I hate to disagree with such a spiritually enlightened soul, but ought not Mr. Bush be referred to as “The Anointed Commander In Chief”?

    After all — Presidents get elected to their first term. Bush was placed in the position, clearly at the behest — and righteously so, Amen! — of the Religious Correct. (Read: right)

    Brother Ian.

  7. Bush wasn’t placed in the position. He was voted in, just like Clinton was for his two terms. Quit whining about Bush and focus on finding better leaders to replace him if you really want positive change.

  8. What is McKinney still doing in offece?

    Simple, she is a prime example of what can happen in a congress that had a 98% return rate, based solely on the gerrymandering of districts and massive campaign contributions from PACs and corporate interests. The district that McKinney represents has over the years been shaped to be almost exclusively black democrats, which alose almost guarantees a victory on her belalf. Major parties hate disfunction in the ranks, and quickly quell any potential challenger to her, and then as an incumbent and amjor party candidate, the big donations come rolling in.

    Until we have REAL reforms in districting and campaign finance, we will continue to be “represented” as a nation by this sort of person.

  9. Cynthia McKinney has a huge mouth. She’s got a large base of support though, because a lot of her black constituents buy into her “it’s all whitey’s fault” spew.

  10. McKinney lost the democratic primary for her district in, I think, 2002 when she was the incumbent. The victor went on to win, served one term, and then ran for Senate. She is who the “gentleman” in his article refers to as an “Oreo Candidate”. So the Democrats didn’t exactly quell potential challengers. McKinney ran again in 2004 and won. It would be nice if someone in her district would step-up and throw her out once again.

    Although, it really makes no difference. Whoever would replace her would be just as annoying, just maybe in a different way.

  11. Yeah, the “race card” gets old. But: McKinney defended herself against a uniformed thug who was attempting to conduct an illegal (warrantless and without probable cause) search for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not McKinney was exercising her inalienable and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms (and illegally detaining her and punishing her if so).(Real) libertarians would be calling for the cop’s head on a pike if he’d assaulted a regular person instead of a loudmouth black Democrat congresscritter.

    Even if McKinney is a racist (probably) and even if she is a statist (questionable — she votes with Ron Paul 80% of the time, more often than any of the members of Paul’s Republican “Liberty Committee”), she has rights. We should be talking to her about respecting those same rights for others instead of condemning her for defending them for herself.

  12. oh, no, youre not sticking me with that one. If i’m walking down teh street, no cop should bother me, but if i’m in a government office building, with people who were chosen by the people to represent them within their government, I expect that there are going to be extra security measures.

    Being a libertarian, and believing taht my fundamental property rights and rights to live my life free of undue restraint DOESN’T mean that i believe that enyone should just be able to walk into that sort of environment, where one person with a gun could literally undo teh work of millions of voters, you’d have to be insane to believe that!

  13. Gabe,

    “Government office buildings” are “public” property.

    “Government employees” are “public” employees.

    We’re the public. We own the buildings, and those employees work for US. Allegedly, at any rate.

    If a property owner can’t exercise his or her rights on his or her property, then something’s screwy. Somewhere, something’s got mixed up.

    So, are you saying that the public has no rights, or that the public doesn’t own its property … because it’s got to be one or the other to support your conclusion.

    As a side note, if the boss doesn’t have a right to bear arms, then how the hell can his or her employees be held to have such a right? If I don’t have a right to carry a gun on “public” property, then neither does a Capitol police officer. Let those guys know they need to turn their pieces in at the end of their shifts tonight.

  14. I concur. No police should carry guns. There should be specialty swat teams called in if need be, and they should be armed, but otherwise, no guns.

    As i stated above, teh congressional hall is the meeting place of our elected representatives, and a person with a mind to do negative deeds would concentrate their efforts on such an area. should someone choose to perform an act of violence in teh halls of congress, then they are effectively negating the wills of potentially millions of persons. This is why increased security is appropriate within the halls of congress. As a citizen of this country, I want the will of th people to be respected, and so i have no problem with added security to protect the lives of elected officials.

    I carry a firearm on myself on the street, and when entering places where my weapon might become a threat, for example, I dont mind leaving my weapon in the trunk when I go to the courthouse, for fear a felon may get hold of my weapon. common sense

  15. Cops should have guns, but so should we, in equal measure, with little restrictions save this:

    The conclusion of Tom’s statement is that everyone has not only the right but the duty to carry any firearm they can carry into the Capitol or the White House without control. It might be noted that in no point in american history I know of would a armed citizen be allowed into such places without a search of some kind, if for no other reason than that some people are mentally insane. Elected officals have always had a measure of security around their person.

    the tendency to always front the most “principled” position regardless of a thing called “common sense” is the primary reason why the LP does not win more elections. Ask a prospective LP voter abou such things and they will call you an extremist. They would be correct, from their POV. Our POV’s dont really matter – we’re not running for the prince of libertarianville.

    Tom, you’ve been doing a lot of macho flashing lately.

  16. Tim,

    Look around. This is the comment section of a libertarian blog. I am not a candidate for office, and I am not talking to voters. I am a libertarian, talking to libertarians. So get over the whole “macho flash” thing already.

    Insofar as the history of firearms in government buildings is concerned, read up a little. You’ll probably be surprised at just how recent the whole “disarm the serfs before allowing them into the presence of their masters” phenomenon is.

  17. Plus, I mean, If you really want to take real responsibility for yourself, you could train your body.

    I have trained in Judo, Ancient Weapons, and Open Handed Karate. I don’t really need a gun to defend myself, and am just as dangerous a person without one.

    Therefore, if you really want to have a weapon on you at all times, including within the halls of congress, there’s always your feet and fists. No security guard can take those from you.

    Street cops should not have guns. Hvae you ever had a cop pull a gun on you? oh, theyre sooo fuckin tough when they know they got an army behind them. Punk-assed pussy little ignorant fuckers, voting republican cause my daddy taught me to, “support our troops!” fuck you! “i’m a christian” well that’s fuckin great, IM NOT! If I could, I’d end the lives of teh lot of them. And I mean you too, any cop reading this. Youre all scum, and deserve to die.

  18. Going back to an earlier comment by Chris, Denise Majette’s victory in the primaries over McKinney is HARDLY evidence that the major party’s don’t routinely act to squash infighting. Majette’s campaign was launched only because of how radioactive McKinney was at the time, due to her public speculation that George Bush had advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and deliberately allowed them to happen for political gain.

    True, there’s little difference between that conspiracy theory and the speculation about FDR and Pearl Harbor today. However, this was a few short months after the attacks, and the national mood was NOT wanting to hear that kind of talk at the time. Had the Democrats not produced another warm-body with the (D) beside their name, there was serious jeopary that the Republicans could take that seat in November (even in that district). However, two years later the winds were blowing differently, so Majette took her leave and the party gave McKinney her throne back.

  19. Tim is absolutely right about armed police and the validity of security, and you guys attacking him sound absolutely ridiculous. Yes Thomas, this is a libertarian blog, but you’re implying that this means we should “kook out” here and then only act like we have common sense when non-Libertarians are around. Funny, I didn’t see any barriers in place to block out non-Libertarians when I browsed to this site.

    Openly admitting that one should profess one set of principles in public and another in private is hypocricy, pure and simple. What SHOULD be said in front of voters to best represent Libertarian thought, assuming that Gabe is off-base with, “If I could, I’d end the lives of teh [sic] lot of them. And I mean you too, any cop reading this. Youre all scum, and deserve to die.”?

  20. Gabe J

    I doubt if you could karate chop a carefully aimed bullet from my rifle out of the air before it struck you. Get real. Firearms are the ultimate equalizer of the weak against the strong, bullies and totalitarian regimes.

    Read the writings of our Constitutional authors and those that attended the convention. It was their intent that all citizens should be allowed to bear arms anytime, anywhere for protection against bullies and tyranny.

  21. Julian: I have one thing to say to you with regards to your rifle comment, and I shall leave you to comprehend its meaning.

    30 feet.

  22. Steve,

    You write:

    “Openly admitting that one should profess one set of principles in public and another in private is hypocricy, pure and simple. What SHOULD be said in front of voters to best represent Libertarian thought”

    I don’t “profess one set of principles in public and another in private.” If I’m running for office, and if there’s reason to address the subject of bearing arms in public buildings, then I will — but last time I noticed, it wasn’t a burning issue for most voters.

    I five minutes from a courthouse which installed a metal detector after one party in a divorce went on a shooting spree, so I understand that the issue is controversial. The fact remains that we don’t prevent people from parking their cars in public parking garages because they MIGHT decide to run someone down. And the fact is that libertarians oppose designated “zones” for the exercise of 1st Amendment rights … so “hypocrisy” would be advocating “zones” for the exercise of RKBA.

  23. McKinney is far from perfect but she has made things a matter of public record that need to be. And she has been asking questions no one else is willing to ask.

    (i.e. the TRILLIONS missing from the Pentagon, the allegations of sex-trade participation of defense contractor DynCorp, Bush’s prior knowledge of 9/11…)

    Also, Congress persons are not supposed to be stopped on their way to the Congressional floor. They set a scary precedent as far as I’m concerned. She never should have been stopped in the first place, and if I was in her shoes, I would have decked that copper too!

    As far as “the race card,” she does make some valid points. Just because someone says “race,” doesn’t meanthey are playing a card game. ;)

  24. Oh and Tom is right about her voting record. She is on the right side of the issue more often than MOST Congress critters!


  25. IanC

    I guess my native Georgia redneck brain is too small to comprehend “30 feet”. I have no idea.

  26. Tom Knapp (no surprise), Wendy Terry (no surprise) and Julian (a little bit of surprise) are absolutely right!

    What’s the big deal about worrying that an armed nutcase would be shooting up government temples, anyway?

    One shot up a Denver Safeway distribution center the other day. It was local news, but nothing like if it had been, say, the Congress of Fools or the Supremely Kangaroo Kort.

    The only reason this is such a scary prospect is that the regime has so much power over our lives.

    It would be nice if it was possible to limit its power through a constitution, but unfortunately that doesn’t work – any more than trying to limit a malignant cancer by cutting most of it out.

    It’s time to face up to the fact that coercive government is a deadly malignant disease that will destroy every bit of our liberty and prosperity, and finally all our lives, if allowed to continue to exist.

    And yes, they’re all scum, but McKinney is one of the better ones, relatively speaking.

  27. well, hell, julian, I didnt say that guns arent the best weapons, i even said taht i carry a gun on my at almost all times. I doubt athat my pistil could take out a carefully aimed bulletfrom a rifle either. rifles are really not a good fighting weapon, theyre more for killing, you cant beat a rifle, hiding who knows where, and you cant use a rifle effectively close range. rifles are for snipers, and i have little respect for teh art form.

  28. I can’t help but notice that noone but Steve considered my idea tht cops deserve to die off base. I guess that steve is the only one who has neve been beaten, arrested, and imprisoned by the police. Anyone who has seen the true face of the police knows them to be vicious dogs, murderous thugs, and leeches, feeding their swollen guts on society’s fears.

  29. This discussion has gone way off topic, but you certainly can use a rifle effectively at close range. Most rifles make an excellent club.

  30. Julian – if you *are* a ‘nam vet (especially infantry, as you implied by combination of comment and sig) and you no comprendo “30 feet”, you missed some essential training.

    If C. McKinney has voted with Ron Paul 80% of the time, that could have something to do with why she was subjected to the harrassment in the first place, and why she is being castigated by the Liberpublicans on this blog.


  31. BlowMeDown

    The only 30 ft. rule I knew was the hand grenade rule.