Congressman steals evidence live on TV

Wonkette tips us off to the big brass balls swinging between the legs of Tim Murphy, the Republican (shockers) congressman from Pennsylvania who’s been dogged with allegations of using his public-paid staff to work on his election campaign.

When KDKA reporter Andy Sheehan presented Murphy with documented evidence, Murphy swiped them and “wouldn’t give them back.” The whole thing is caught on television and the station still has the documents (jeez, this guy never hear of a copy machine?).

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Too bad Pennsylvania has the toughest ballot access laws in the country. Too bad Democrats make a practice of doing the same. Too bad KDKA didn’t have a taser.

  2. How stupid can this guy be to think that those were the only copies? I don’t know what’s on those docs, but this guy certainly has guilt written all over himself.

  3. and Dem opponent: run ads of this all week. You suck too, but we’ll deal with you later. Right now every single R needs to lose big.

  4. On another note, it’s too bad that great Libertarian, Boortz said in his email blast “This week, Neal has shocked everyone by changing his mind about voting for Republicans.” Yeah, what a “shocker”! Duh. Vote Republican for the war, economy and immigration. What a crock. The economy is crap. It’s the weakest recovery in ages and the GDP numbers were crap, despite dramatically understated inflation. And the GOP isn’t going to do anything on immigration, one way or the other. Boortz is a fraud, liar, shyster and many other uncomplimentary things I can’t think of right now, no better than the guy higlighted in this video.

  5. you guys make way too big a deal out of boortz. I didnt know who he was, and when I found out he was a freakin RADIO TALK SHOW HOST, I was like, damn, why does he have the whole party freaked out?

  6. Pennsylvania has the toughest ballot access laws in the country.

    Not true.

    As a portion of the population, we have to get more signatures in several states, including Alabama and Oklahoma.

    In raw signatures, Texas and Oklahoma are two I can think of.

    In retention (what it takes to not have to petition again every time) Alabama is extremely difficult: 20% in a statewide race. Oklahoma is 10%.

    For non-statewide offices, Georgia is very difficult: %5 of registered voters in a gerrymandered district must sign.

    California requires 80,000 or so viters to register with a party for full party ballot access, and I believe about 130,000+ valid signatures for an independent presidential candidate. Not a factor for the LP since they already got the voter regs in ’79, although they are slowly dipping from attrition.

    Illinois has very stringent verification if challenged; even 63,000 raw doesn’t always mean 25,000 valid according to state bureaucrats. (LP ’98) ..

  7. (cont)

    Unless we win the lawsuit, NM has a double-petition requirement where we have to collect signatures to get the party on the ballot and then collect more signatures for each office it runs a candidate for.

    Also, until they got caught, they tried to disqualify the signatures of everyone registered with another party (that is everyone except registered independents and a tiny handful of registered Libertarians) who signed the LP petition. There is no provision in the law that made those signatures invalid.

    you guys make way too big a deal out of boortz. I didnt know who he was, and when I found out he was a freakin RADIO TALK SHOW HOST, I was like, damn, why does he have the whole party freaked out?

    He has a large audience, falsely claims to be a libertarian, and distorts the public perception of what a libertarian is. Especially in states like Georgia and Alabama. He’s also threatened a presidential run.

    Boortz wants the FBI to spy on antiwar Americans!

  8. I’ll defer to you on ballot access, paulie, since I heard that you gather petitions for a living. I’m sticking to my guns about the taser, though.

  9. Neal Boortz is a Libertarian like Lincoln Chafee is a Republican. I’m cool with a big tent. Neal says a lot of things to pander to his listener base, but he does move them in our direction. If you don’t like the other guys in the big tent, don’t support them…but don’t run them out of the tent either.

  10. Phooey.

    He wants the FBI to spy on antiwar Americans.

    He’s not in any tent of mine.

    Kevin Zeese and John Murphy can be in my big tent.

    Boortz can smear himself in honey and go play with hungry bears.


    One thing one has to say about most of the “liberventionists” ”“ the tiny but vocal clot of pro-war, pro-Bush “libertarians” ”“ and that is they oppose this administration’s attacks on our civil liberties here at home. But what are we to make of alleged libertarians, such as Neal Boortz, who wants to know why the FBI shouldn’t be allowed to spy on the antiwar movement:

    “The FBI is investigating the backgrounds and organizational methods of antiwar demonstrators in the US. Hopefully that doesn’t come as a surprise to you. It is safe to assume that a large number of these demonstrators are out there in the streets because they want America to fail in its efforts to fight terrorism and its efforts to bring secular representative governments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Translated: Many of these demonstrators are pro-Saddam and anti-US. So, who wouldn’t want them investigated by the FBI?”

  12. Great to see this captured in living color. Quite entertaining to say the least. I have been kicking around the idea (and now it is a little late) of taking some of the attack ads recently and dubbing my own choice little phrases in. Now if only I could get the videos off of this damn Dish receiver!


    Oh what fun I could have…

    Paulie… 18… nice find… I got 2 squeeze bottles full of crockett’s desert honey. I’m sure the African-ized bees will come too! That wind-bag actually convinced my dad to vote for bush last time around…. ack!

  13. That would be appropriate.

    I understand Boo!rtz is deathly afraid of anything African, African-American, or for that matter Africanized.

    He might die of a heart attack before the first bee stings him.

  14. Boortz casually sauntering in to work… with his co-workers in on it… we nab him on entry. Duct tape that mouth of his shut before too much excrement falls forth from it. Bind his wrists and escort him to the nearest southern infestation…

    Paulie grabs a bottle of honey and squirts liberally giggling like a mischievous school boy… boortz whimpers and moans like a felled elephant. I say “fuck it” and grab the gallon jar of the desert honey and dump it over boortz’s head…

    Paulie and Julian come together and forgive each other due to the much admired hatred of boortz that they share. They both take turns tossing sugar cubes and marshmallows on boortz…

    * children this is hypothetical (ask a grown-up) an should not be tried at home…. unless you are Boortz kids… in which case… feel free… ;-)

  15. Wha… ah… the advocation of violence!? That wasn’t even a serious advocation. ;-)