Congress to Outlaw First Amendment

No longer satisfied with with wiping out the middle section of the Bill of Rights with the Patriot Act, the bastards in Washington are now working on the top section, too. The First Amendment reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Contrast the First Amendment to what Fox News just reported:

A new provision tucked into the Patriot Act bill now before Congress would allow authorities to haul demonstrators at any “special event of national significance” away to jail on felony charges if they are caught breaching a security perimeter.

Sen. Arlen Specter , R-Pa., chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, sponsored the measure, which would extend the authority of the Secret Service to allow agents to arrest people who willingly or knowingly enter a restricted area at an event, even if the president or other official normally protected by the Secret Service isn’t in attendance at the time.

They even hope to apply this rape of our most basic rights to events like the Super Bowl and Olympic venues. I don’t care what unconstitutional law they pass, anywhere I stand is a freaking free speech zone. I’ve never let such laws stop me in the past, and I won’t let them stop me in the future.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. The only one that really hits home is right in the middle: The right to assemble. Our Secretary of Defence is working on “fixing” that problem. And don’t tell me that the revolutionists were gathered “peaceably”. Quite the contrary.
    I have a guess that they will use more anvanced forms of crowd control. My favorite is the sound weapon. Can you imagine a nice family of four marching down to the capital for a nice round of dissent, only to find they have all crapped their pants from low sound waves emmited from National Guard trucks? Or cooked like chickens from microwave emmiters? Look it up for yourselves…
    I will not sit down.
    I will not shut up.

  2. George Bush, shortly after the passing of this:

    “I hereby deem the entire country as a Special Event of National Significance! All protestors will be arrested!”

  3. Where is the new alliance of Sheehan, Fonda, Chavez and Castro when one needs them the most. Everyone calm down and wait awhile. This new alliance is sure to end all wars and protect freedom of speech (at least that is what they are saying).

    What a love fest this country is having with them now. I love it, a bunch of burned out worthless 60’s marginalized communists trying to steal all the thunder of you antiwar activists. You are getting what you deserve. Two thumbs up for war mongers. Down with peace activists. Bomb Iran with nukes.

  4. Ahh nothing like one extremist criticizing other extremists.

    Vietnam Vet, don’t you realize that you are the Cindy Sheehan of the Pro-war movement?

    You are on her level, you’ve both lost your marbles.

  5. Well, I’d need to see the actual provision of the patriot act before commenting, but the quote says “if they are caught breaching a security perimeter.” – that’s not peacable assembly. Now, I don’t think it would warrant a felony in the vast majority of cases, but this doesn’t appear to be something we’d need to worry about too much.

  6. Now it would really depend on what they define as a security perimeter. By loosely defining security perimeter, they could effectively make any reasonable attempt at a peacable demonstration or protest, within a reasonable distance of the “event of significance” a felony. As I have said before, the neo-conservatives are beginning to look a lot like the brownshirts during the Weimar Republic days.