Congratulations to Russ Diamond

Russ Diamond, a Libertarian and founder of PA CleanSweep was named by the Philadelphia Inquirer as citizen of the year along with Timothy Potts and Eugene Stilp.

It all started when the Pennsylvania State Legislature at 2AM in the morning passed pay raises for themselves. They figured that voter apathy would give them outright permission to let them do whatever they felt-until Russ Diamond and his fellow patriots said “Enough is enough!”

Because of the outrage and backlash the legislators decided to repeal those pay raises but still got an automatic 3.6 percent increase in pay (they should have recinded that too!). The fight has just begun for the PA CleanSweep team. One of the founders has just filed a lawsuit over all the dandy perks the legislators enjoy at taxpayer’s expense.

Congratulations to Russ Diamond and his fellow patriots! Politics in PA needs a clean sweep!

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