Compassionate Conservatism: Idaho Inmates to Hot-Bunk?

With the drug war consuming more of our precious liberties, tax dollars and prison beds, an Idaho Republican wants to spare a few bucks by hot-bunking prisoners. From Reuters:

“Why does every inmate need his or her own bed?” asked State Sen. Robert Geddes. “The military does it all the time.”

Dude, I’ve spent over a decade in the Army, and I can tell you that hot-bunking is a morale killer and is to be avoided whenever possible. People need their individual space. That is unless you wish to create a climate where inmates are more likely to riot.

Geddes, the Republican president of the State Senate, said taxpayers should not be responsible for the cost of transferring prisoners out of state, as Idaho does to ease overcrowding.

“The costs are tremendous,” Geddes said in an interview.

Since unveiling his plan last week, he said he has received calls from inmate families who like the idea of having their incarcerated relatives closer to home instead of out of state.

If Geddes is so damned concerned with the costs, perhaps he could spend his time introducing legislation which would do away with victimless crimes. Instead of being concerned with justice, he prefers torturing those who are already his victims. What else might one expect of a Republican, though?

  1. How to intensify highest prisoner rate: Thinking like US/ID elite does. LDS’s better world Orwell did not know. Leading? Inspired by new ideas? Giving an example to the world beyond AbuGhraib and Guantanamo. But a view from abroad.

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