Comedian Doug Stanhope Announces 2008 Presidential Campaign… As a Libertarian

Doug Stanhope, Penn & Teller, fat elvis guyDoug Stanhope, a comic with an impressive background of television appearances and a flair for media attention, has announced via MySpace (how apt) that he is seeking the 2008 Libertarian Presidential nomination:

No, it isnt a joke – although I’ll certainly make it funny along the way.
We are going to fight these cocksuckers on fields they never realized existed. Trust me. Its going to be a long run and we have unprecedented plans that will slowly come out between now and the election.
This could be the most entertaining run at office in history.

Absolutely right. I think this party has always been the haven for comedians and common sense joke slingers and this is exactly the kind of candidate we should be running to shake things up. He’s created a second MySpace profile — stanhope08 — just for the campaign, with hilarious views on politics. I really love his proposal to make election day a national holiday (what better way to get out the vote?):

Who has the day off? Old people. Old and bitter people of means who sit in gated communities terrified of anything new because it reminds them that they will be dead soon. They sit behind the curtains and call the police every time a dog barks or your car stereo is loud.
And they vote. They vote in droves like as though legislation can make them young again. They listen to talk radio and the fear-mongering press and they vote for everything safe and secure and against anything you enjoy while you are stuck at work and just trying to get laid and have fun.
I will make Election Day a national holiday. In fact, I will declare Election Day a national holiday right now. Never work on Election Day no matter what you do or whether or not you vote. Make a show of it. You don’t need a president to tell you to call in sick that day or simply not show up. I’ll just make it official on principle.

2008 is still a ways off, but you can bet I’m sending my resume and pledge of support now.
Update: I spoke to Stanhope and he’s agreed to answer any questions we throw at him about his campaign, his blend of brash libertarianism, how many freckles are on his ass, etc… (Hammer of Truth exclusive, natch), so stay tuned for an open thread in a couple days that where you can post them and he’ll be responding later in the week.